Pope Mobbed After Wrong Turn In Rio, Prompting Security Concerns In Midst Of Brazilian Protests

The Pope may have a direct line to God, but apparently his driver needs a GPS app.

In a video released by the Catholic News Service in promotion of Pope Francis’ trip to Rio de Janeiro, the Pope’s tiny car is seen being mobbed by spectators, at one point so surrounded that it couldn’t move forward.

The images have generated concerns over papal security during a potentially dangerous trip through Brazil, where Francis is attending the 2013 World Youth Day. The Pope’s visit comes at a time of widespread unrest over government spending, and violent protests broke out upon his arrival, with demonstrators lobbing firebombs and police firing back with rubber bullets.

The Pope’s spokesmen later acknowledged that the incident was the result of a wrong turn that sent the small motorcade onto a crowded street rather than an open highway, and tried to downplay concerns that it revealed a surprising lack of security detail around the pontiff.

“His secretary was afraid, but the pope was happy, with his hand out the window waving,” said Vatican spokesman Reverend Federico Lombardi, before admitting there had been some “errors” in the Pope’s security. “This is something new, maybe also a lesson for the coming days.”

By the by, this was what you missed if you skipped the trip to Rio and instead got time off from purgatory by following the Pope’s visit on Twitter.

Watch video of the scene below:

[h/t Huffington Post]

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