Pro-Trump Pastor Says Trump’s Problem With Black Voters Is That ‘Black People Believe Satire’

1thumb1Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to struggle with black voters, to put it generously, but one prominent Trump surrogate thinks he’s got the problem all figured out. Pastor and Republican National Convention speaker Darrell Scott was doing a CNN three-box with anchor Brooke Baldwin and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders Wednesday afternoon when he squeezed out this bit of insight about Trump’s struggles with black voters, to an instantly-GIF-able reaction from Sanders:

The thing that kills is this: Black people believe satire. Black people believe parody. I had a guy that I considered to be a very intelligent person send me a headline from a satire website that said “Donald Trump Plans on Deporting All African-Americans back to Africa,” and he believed it.

Ironically, one of the many actual issues that anti-racist voters have had with Trump was his uncritical tweet of a racist graphic featuring crime statistics that were completely made-up.

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