Rand Paul Wants Bigger GOP: ‘You Go to a Republican Event and It’s All White People’

Rand Paul spoke at Harvard’s Kennedy Institute of Politics Friday, and he talked about his libertarian tendencies as well as his desire to broaden the GOP to welcome more people in. He described himself as “libertarian-ish,” in that despite his very clear libertarian political leanings, he’s generally supported fellow Republicans and hasn’t really backed Libertarian party candidates (save for his father during his 1988 presidential run).

Paul, according to CNN, also talked about making the Republican party “bigger” and much more inclusive, saying that unless Republicans “broaden their message” to reach more people, winning future elections is going to be a bit of a problem.

“You go to a Republican event and it’s all white people—not because we’re excluding anybody, but because we just haven’t done a good enough job encouraging people to come into our party.”

You can watch part of Paul’s remarks below, via CNN:

[photo via screengrab]

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