‘Scaramucci is Dumb as a Rock’: Twitter Weighs in On CNN’s Scaramania


So — if you missed it.

White House Communications Chief Anthony Scaramucci called into CNN’s New Day this morning and stumbled into an over 30 minutes marathon call with show co-anchor Chris Cuomo.

Did the call go off the rails? Depends who you ask.

What did transpire is that Scaramucci compared leakers to fish rotting at the head (presumably a swipe at Reince Priebus) while at the same time insisted his relationship with Priebus was brotherly (like Cain and Abel) He added that he had no problem with certain types of leaks.

You know it was nuts because during the whole exchange someone from the White House actually texted Bloomberg reporter Josh Green just before his own appearance on New Day to liken it to a “car crash.”

The moment is the latest chapter in the biggest story of the last few days: The Reince-Scaramucci war. Twitter had quite a lot of feelings about that.

Check it out below.

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