Chris Cuomo

Don Lemon Doubts Trump’s Twitter Tirades Can Be Reined In: ‘He’s a Grown A– Man,’ How Can You Stop Him?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Skips Avenatti News, Rest of Network Barely Touches

Dem Rep. Supporting a Challenger to Pelosi: The American People Have Been Clear, ‘Time for New Leadership’

Chris Cuomo Questions Brenda Snipes on Broward County Recount: ‘Are You Really Thinking About Resigning?’

Chris Cuomo to Trump: You Get ‘Too Many Breaks for Lying’

Angela Rye Slams Niger Innis During Heated CNN Panel: ‘Did You Get Those Stats From Breitbart?’

Matt Gaetz Explodes Over Florida Election Woes: ‘They’re Playing Hide the Ball with the Freaking Ballots!’

Chris Cuomo: When You Only Offer Thoughts and Prayers After Gun Violence, ‘You Mock Those Who Lost Loved Ones’

Roger Stone Tells Chris Cuomo No Person Can ‘Honestly Testify’ He Had Direct Contact With Julian Assange

Women for Trump Founder Justifies Rocks as Rifles Policy With Bible Story: Remember David and Goliath?

Chris Cuomo Trashes ‘Ugly’ New Trump Ad: ‘Willie Horton Redux’

Don Lemon Faces Backlash For Saying The ‘Biggest Terror Threat in This Country is White Men’

Chris Cuomo Reflects on Media Coverage of Kanye After He Steps Back from Politics: ‘Shame on Us’

Chris Cuomo: ‘Demonstrably False’ for Kellyanne Conway to Claim Trump’s ‘Trying to Heal the Country’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: I’m Not Taking a Side, If I Did ‘My Numbers Would Go Up 30, 40 Percent’

Matt Gaetz Ribs Chris Cuomo Over Fox’s Pro-Trump Coverage: They ‘Put Ratings First’

CNN’s Cuomo Calls Out Dobbs, ‘Trump Trinity’ at Fox News: They’re ‘Doing the Dance of Twisted Facts’

Don Lemon: Trump ‘Blamed the Victim’ at Rally, ‘Disgusting Testament for How He Leads This Country’

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s ‘Nationalist’ Remark: ‘Nobody Made You CEO of the English Language’

RESULTS ARE IN: See Who Won Our Poll For the Best Show at 9 P.M.: Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo

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