School Resource Officer (And Weightlifter) From Desk Flip Video Has Had Complaints Before


Turns out the school resource officer placed on administrative leave after video of him lifting a high school student out of her desk went viral is also one of the school’s football coaches and a power lifter.

The New York Daily News did some digging and discovered that Ben Fields is also a defensive line coach for the Spring Valley High School football team. He is also a power lifter, and can squat up to 940 pounds and bench press just over 600 pounds.

They even found YouTube videos of Fields in action at the gym.

Hence why students at Spring Valley allegedly call Fields “The Incredible Hulk,” named for the green angry giant of Marvel Comics fame. Per the original desk flip videos and the YouTube clips of Fields squatting and benching his personal bests, it’s no wonder the school resource officer is as big as he is — especially when compared to the high school student he arrested.

Hence why so many were outraged when CNN’s Don Lemon tried not to pass judgment on the matter, despite Fields being twice the girl’s size.

According to WLTX, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott admitted that Fields had been sued before. However, he stressed, his officer had been cleared of all charges in “those cases.” Another lawsuit having to do with a student’s expulsion is currently pending, but it doesn’t involve claims of excessive force.

Check out the clips above, via YouTube.

[h/t New York Daily News]
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