Sean Spicer: April Ryan is a ‘Tough Woman’ Who I ‘Respect’

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to critics on Wednesday’s edition of Hugh Hewitt‘s radio program. Spicer has been under fire over his handling of an exchange with April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, which some claimed was racist and/or sexist.

“To suggest that, somehow, because of her gender or race, she’d be treated differently, I think, is, frankly, demeaning to her,” Spicer contended. “She’s a tough woman that fights every day to get out there for her publication and her audience to get the questions that she wants answered, and I respect that.”

Hewitt led his interview of Spicer by playing a clip of Hillary Clinton defending Ryan on Tuesday night. The press secretary stated that he “respectfully disagree[d]” with the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and labeled the journalist a “tough reporter.” The White House flack also cited his regular heated exchanges with ABC’s Jonathan Karl and NBC’s Peter Alexander.

“I don’t treat one person different than the next. I go at [Ryan] the same way that I would go at Peter Alexander or Jonathan Karl or Glenn Thrush from The New York Times,” said Spicer.

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