‘This Is The Pope?’ New York Sports Radio Host Struggles Through Announcement Of New Pope

New York radio host Mike Francesa, who occasionally goes by the nickname “Sports Pope,” had the unenviable job of reporting on the papal conclave’s new pope selection Wednesday without exactly being an expert on the Catholic Church. Francesa broke the big news to his listeners on his WFAN show, which is also broadcast on the YES network.

Francesa found every element of the breaking news hard to believe, from the fact that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is also an archbishop to the fact that he’s from Argentina. And just wait until you hear him try to pronounce the new pope’s last name. To make Francesa feel better, he didn’t do much better announcing the news than the big time cable news anchors did determining whether the smoke rising from the Sistine Chapel chimney this afternoon was black or white.

Watch video below, via YES:

(h/t Business Insider)

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