This Sam Bee Video About a Bipartisan Effort to Help Rape Victims Might Make You Cry


Full Frontal With Samantha Bee did a story this week that is the perfect follow-up to one from last year.

First, to recap, last March, Bee took a look at the fight over untested rape kits in the Georgia state legislature. On Wednesday, she and her team dropped a full-on Schoolhouse Rock segment about how that fight turned out.

In an age where the current president is not only deepening partisan rifts by attacking Dems, but also straight-up attacking his own Republican colleagues, it may surprise you to learn that in at least one state, bipartisanship is an option. Not only is it an option, but it can be wielded to benefit victims of rape. Helping rape victims shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

Representative Scott Holcomb definitely agrees. The Democrat brought a bill to the Georgia House that mandated prosecutions after learning there were thousands of untested rape kits in the state. The House voted on it unanimously, but when it went to the Senate, a committee chair wouldn’t even allow the bill to have a hearing.

Watch above to see how the Republican Speaker of the Georgia House and a bipartisan crew of senators and house reps joined together to make sure that the bill passed in the final seconds of the session anyway. From one senator giving up a bill she had worked on to a bunch of GOP members making physical copies in the moments before a vote, this is a story of selflessness that might just renew your faith in the governmental process.

Here are a few people who seem, at the very least, inspired:

Grab some tissues, folks.

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