Tom Brokaw Won’t Touch Social Media, Or, Who Keeps Invading Mr. Brokaw’s Privacy?

Where did we come from? What does it all mean? What did Tom Brokaw have for lunch? We may never know: the NBC News legend revealed to Poynter that he’s hesitant to join Twitter or Facebook. Why is this member of ‘The Greatest Generation’ shunning social media? “I have too many invasions of my privacy as it is,” he said.

Which leads us to another question: who keeps invading Mr. Brokaw’s privacy? Is it you, Geraldo?? While Tom never answered that question, he did remark on how he almost joined Facebook to be closer to the little Brokaws:

I’m thinking about just signing up so I can share things with my granddaughters a little more, but I worry I’ll read things on their Facebook that will unnerve me.

So close! Well… what about Twitter?

I don’t get Twitter. I know that it’s very popular and that it’s a quick way of getting a text blast out, so to speak, but an awful lot of it seems to be … just stuff that fills air.

Harumph. Brokaw then wondered aloud whether Twitter’s role in the 2008 Mumbai fiasco was journalistic or “just a cry for help,” and kindly offered a tip to aspiring reporters:

Journalists: learn to write. Text messaging is not writing. Whether you’re writing for a newspaper, online or on the air, get better at writing.

To which I say: whatevs, n00b.

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