Travel Website Apologizes for Email Linking Man’s Death to Airport Parking Deals


Last week, a 55-year-old man was found dead in a parking lot at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Today, the website sent out an email to subscribers with the subject line “Can On-Airport Parking Kill?”

The email read:

Last week a 55 year old man was found dead at a Chicago O’Hare parking lot. He was found lying on the ground unresponsive at around 7:15 am. The Chicago police did not find any signs of a homicide and an autopsy is to follow.

There could be many reasons for the cause of this man’s death, but based on the story one possible reason could be stress. The process of arriving to the airport, getting through security, and boarding the plane can be very stressful.

Many airlines and travel industries have implemented technology to make traveling easier such as through buying airfare online, booking hotels and renting cars, and even reserving off-airport parking through an app.

Don’t be late and end up in a crate. Save stress and possibly anything worse by utilizing technology and reserving all your travel needs in advance.

The email also included a $5-off coupon to use for airport parking reservations on the site:

Several hours — and many complaints later — the company sent a follow-up under the subject line “We are sincerely sorry”:

We would like to sincerely apologize for the last marketing email sent that has caused frustration and grief for our customers. We strive to provide our customers with the utmost service and respect; however, we fell short on this commitment.

There is no excuse for the topic of the recent email sent to our customers, and we can only extend our deepest apologies to those disrespected by it.

We have ensured that any marketing or communication sent from our company will not contain any sensitive or offensive content of that nature. We appreciate your continued business with us and apologize once again for this unfortunate event.


Someone on the company’s marketing team has also spent to day apologizing to individual Twitter users who were upset by the email. Here are some highlights:

Police did not release the cause of death or the name of the man to the press, but some reports speculated that it may have been a suicide. You know what probably was not the cause of death? Stress from not having a place to park.

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