White House Fence Jumper Previously Arrested with Eleven Guns, Map of White House

Omar Gonzales, the man who jumped the White House fence and nearly made it inside the executive mansion this weekend, not only has a history of homelessness and mental illness, but was also arrested earlier this year, while in possession of eleven guns and a map of Washington, D.C., with the White House circled in pen.

ABC News reports that Gonzales had been previously arrested in Virginia on July 19th for reckless driving. When pulled over after a long car chase, police found eleven different guns, including one sawed-off shotgun, as well as the aforementioned map. He was charged with reckless driving, eluding police and possession of a sawed-off shotgun, but was not kept in custody.

And that’s not the only White House-related legal trouble Gonzales got himself into this year:

Gonzalez was also stopped on Aug. 25 while walking along the south fence of the White House, prosecutors said. He had a hatchet in his rear waist band but was not arrested after he permitted a search of his car, which was parked nearby. Police found camping gear and two dogs but no ammo, prosecutors said.

Gonzalez, an Iraq War veteran, was previously homeless in DC for the past three months and allegedly suffered from mental problems. His next court hearing is set for October 1st, and meanwhile, people are wondering why the White House hasn’t invested in a better fence.

[ABC News]
[Image via Vaughn Sterling/Twitter]

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