Trekkies Go to Court: Here’s an Amazing Brief Defending Klingon as a Real Language

Klingon TrekkieTo the delight of Trekkies and language enthusiasts everywhere, an amicus brief was filed in court last week arguing that Klingon cannot be copyrighted because it’s a living, breathing language.

The brief, filed by the Language Creation Society, whose stated mission is to promote the art and craft of language creation, argues that while the Klingon language was invented for use in the Star Trek franchise, it took on a new life of its own in the hands of dedicated fans, who turned it into something else entirely.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Now, with 250,000 copies of a Klingon dictionary said to have been sold, Klingon language certification programs being offered, the Microsoft search engine Bing presenting English-to-Klingon translations, one Swedish couple performing their marriage vows in Klingon, foreign governments providing official statements in Klingon and so on, the Language Creation Society is holding up Klingon as having freed the “bounds of its textual chains.”

The brief can be read in full here or below.

Klingon by Eriq Gardner

The brief asserts that “Just as poker jargon is unprotectable, so is Klingon.” And the plantiffs, Paramount Pictures, must learn that, as the saying goes, “brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight.”

Or, in the original Klingon:
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.36.13 AM

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

[image: Nathan Rupert via Flickr]

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