Trump Reportedly Promising to Spend Over $400,000 to Pay Russia Legal Bills of Staff and Associates

This afternoon, Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported that President Donald Trump has pledged to offer up some of his own money to help pay the legal costs that many of his staff and associates have incurred in the wake of the Russia probe.

According to Swan, Trump will spend at least $430,000 of his own money. It had previously been reported that the Republican National Committee has already paid out around that total representing both the president and his son, Don Jr. However, according to Swan, this pledge won’t be used to reimburse the RNC. Instead, he is promising the same amount that’s been spent on him to assist others taking on mounting legal bills.

What isn’t known at this time is who will be receiving help from Trump on their lawyer fees. It also isn’t clear who will decide which associates or staff members will get the money and how much.

An official told Axios that they’re “working on appropriate and ethical approval.” The official also said the president hasn’t ruled out using more of his own money in the future towards legal bills.

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