Trump’s Russia Probe Lawyer Spotted With John Kelly at Congressional ‘Spygate’ Briefing


White House attorney Emmet Flood was seen attending today’s Gang of Eight meeting on whether the FBI spied on President Trump‘s campaign in 2016.

Flood joined White House chief of staff John Kelly on Thursday when they arrived at the Senate to review classified information on the FBI’s informant within the Trump campaign, an incident Trump has dubbed “Spygate.”

The meeting was reportedly only initially opened to Republican lawmakers but then was eventually opened up to Democrats.

Flood’s presence at the meeting raises a number of questions about why Trump’s lawyer would attend the meeting.

Trump has been accusing the FBI of spying on him despite providing no concrete evidence.  In addition, Flood’s presence comes amid the news that the FBI launched a preliminary investigation on Trump’s campaign in 2016 because of George Papadopoulos and other officials who aroused the suspicions of the intelligence community.

Finally, when Flood replaced Ty Cobb on Trump’s legal team earlier this month, Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed his hiring by saying he was brought on “to represent the president and the administration against the Russia witch hunt.” If he was given access to confidential information on the “witch hunt” investigation into his client, that could involve some legal complications down the line.

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