Watch a Simpsons Parody of Trump Trying to Pay Off Mueller: ‘I Do the Best Bribes!’

The Simpsons have not been shy about going after President Donald Trump during the first year of his administration over various things. But the latest Simpsons parody goes further than any before it. Much further.

In a two-minute video posted to Twitter on Thursday, a cartoon version of the president is shown trying to bribe a cartoon version of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I wanted to share something with you,” Trump says to Mueller in the video, while pulling on a cord hanging from the ceiling. When he pulls it, stacks and stacks of cash fall below — with the two men practically drowning in money.

“That’s $750 million, Bob,” Trump says. “Huge bribe! There’s never been a bigger one! I do the best bribes. Everyone says so. The best!”

The best bribe wasn’t good enough for cartoon Mueller, who starts to read Trump his Miranda rights.

“Pardon me,” Trump says.

Mueller launches into the Miranda rights again, but Trump cuts him off.

“Oh, I’m not talking to you, I tried to pardon myself,” Trump says.

If only it were that easy for Simpsons Trump.

“It won’t work,” the special counsel says.

Watch above, via The Simpsons.

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