Whoopi Invokes 1968 Olympic Protest to Defend Kaepernick: ‘We’re Still Protesting the Same Thing’

Screen-Shot-2016-09-06-at-12.29.08-PM-650x420Today was the first day of The View‘s 20th season, so the ladies started it off by talking about a very hot topic: Colin Kaepernick‘s protest of police brutality. Lately, the 49ers star has been sitting out the national anthem on the grounds that the freedom it touts doesn’t extend to everyone. He’s faced a lot of criticism, but he’s also gotten some praise. Even President Barack Obama was called on to discuss the issue and he said that Kaepernick does have a right to silently protest. That is the point of the First Amendment, after all.

Some of the View panelists were disapproving of Kaepernick, saying his actions are disrespectful, but it was Whoopi Goldberg who really took up the cause for him. She brought up the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute, which was done by U.S. medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos to show solidarity with impoverished and persecuted communities of color. The two altered their outfits symbolically and raised their fists on the podium as they received their medals and the national anthem played.

“We’re still protesting the same thing!” Goldberg explained. When she reminded her cohosts that Kaepernick is using his right to free speech to stand up against racism, the studio audience cheered.

Watch above to see them debate his actions.

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