Wrestler Mark Schultz Unloads on Foxcatcher: ‘Throw That Movie in the Trash’


As of last week, Mark Schultz was tweeting out positive reviews of Foxcatcher, the new film in which the Olympic wrestler is played by Channing Tatum.

It appears since then he has actually seen the thing, and boy is he not happy about it. In a tweetstorm and Facebook post posted late New Year’s Eve Schultz went off on the film and even threatened director Bennett Miller over what he perceived as the film’s wild inaccuracies. Schultz especially objected to a scene which suggested he and benefactor John du Pont (Steve Carrell) had a sexual relationship.

“Foxcatcher’s scenes are mostly straight out of my book (except a few),” he tweeted a couple days ago. “But the relationships and personalities are complete fiction.”

If true, it would mark the first time a real life subject was unable with his or her portrayal by Hollywood, an industry which otherwise maintains the highest standards of fidelity.

Read the rest of Schultz’s reaction below:

Schultz has an advertisement for his book, which he says contains the true story, as his pinned tweet:

Let’s all delete our accounts.

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