Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘Attorney General Barr Is One of the Most Dangerous Men in Washington D.C.’

Rep. Ted Lieu took the criticism of Attorney General William Barr to a new level Thursday morning after the AG chose to skip what would have been a remarkably contentious hearing before the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary committee.

Lieu addressed the media alongside numerous other Democratic Representatives after the hearing was cut short by Barr’s absence and said that “Attorney General Barr is one of the most dangerous men in Washington D.C.”

The merit and even the interpretation of Lieu’s comments depend largely one sits on the political spectrum. Democrats genuinely believe that Barr’s behavior and interpretation of the Mueller Report is a grave threat to the democratic principles that the United States is founded upon and a flouting of the checks and balances designed by the framer of the Constitution.

Republicans see this in the same manner that President Donald Trump: this is a “witch hunt” and that Lieu’s rhetoric is irresponsible if not dangerous rhetoric.

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