Trump Biographer Says Trump Will ‘Travel the Country Fomenting Violence’ if He’s Not ‘Put in Jail’


President Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston told Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah that he thinks that Trump would need to go to prison if he’s removed from office.

Speaking with Obeidallah on The Dean Obeidallah Show, Johnston argued Trump is a different person than President Richard Nixon and that Nixon realized it would be bad to put the country through an arduous impeachment trial. Nixon was not impeached, though the House of Representatives had drafted articles of impeachment before Nixon’s resignation.

“Nixon realized that the game was up, there was no point in putting the country through this [impeachment and removal] he knew it was not good for the country, that’s why I say Richard Nixon at the end of the day was a patriot,” he said.

Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winner, told Obeidallah that he thinks Trump would need to be prosecuted and “put in jail,” otherwise he would spend his time “traveling the country fomenting violence.”

“In the case of Trump, we face a different problem,” Johnston said. “Even if Trump is convicted and removed and we get briefly Mike Pence as President, that’s not enough. Trump will spend the rest of his life traveling the country fomenting violence. He’s already fomenting violence. He has asked crowds as a candidate to beat people up. So it’s I think it’s vital … he needs to be prosecuted for the many, many, many crimes he has committed and put in jail.”

Listen above, via Sirius XM.

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