Dean Obeidallah

Dean Obeidallah Slams Trump as Oversensitive: ‘The Orange Snowflake Can’t Take it!’

Yashar Ali: Eric Bolling’s Sexting Victims Were ‘Traumatized By It’

Rep. Ruben Gallego: ‘We Just Have to Admit’ Donald Trump Is an ‘Absolute Racist’

MSNBC Guest: ‘For Some, the Word Trump Is Becoming a Modern-Day Swastika’

Joy Reid: If Media Didn’t Cover Trump’s Tweets for a Week, He Would do a Press Conference

‘You Don’t Like People Telling the Truth!’: Dean Obeidallah, Muslim Trump Supporter Collide

Will ISIS Soon Endorse Donald Trump?

CNN Host Carol Costello: ‘Screw You, Jon Stewart’

Just Before Rally Cancelation, Trump’s Pierson and Muslim Pundit Obeidallah Went At it

Daily Beast Columnist Goes Full Truther, Refuses to Believe San Bernardino Shooter Supported ISIS

Liberal Comedian Starts ‘Draw Your Favorite Islamophobe’ Contest

Alan Colmes Defends Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘Panel Was Mocking GOP, Not Romney’s Black Grandson’

Dean Obeidallah Posts Lengthy Apology to Romney Family ‘But Not the Wingnuts’

Melissa Harris-Perry Guests from Romney Grandson Segment Offer Various ‘Apologies’ on Twitter

Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC Panel Mocks Mitt Romney’s Black Grandson

Don Lemon, Concha, Stelter Pick the ‘Biggest Implosion’ of 2013: Deen, Weiner, or Rob Ford?

Mediaite Columnist Concha on CNN: If People Want to Work on Thanksgiving, Let Them!

CNN Columnist Tweets: John McCain and Ted Cruz Should Settle Differences with Bloody ‘Duel’

CNN Guests Blast Glee For ‘Exploiting A Tragedy’ With School Shooting Episode Solely To Boost Ratings

Cringe-Worthy: Watch MSNBC Panelists Deliver Their Best Racially Insensitive Jokes

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