Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theorists Spread Absurd Claim Damar Hamlin is Not Alive and NFL is Using a Body Double


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Conspiracy theorists found a new wild claim to froth over that involves NFL star Damar Hamlin being dead instead of an inspiring comeback story following his collapse from cardiac arrest during a game earlier in the month.

Hamlin appeared over the weekend at Highmark Stadium to view the game between his Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. In a viral clip, Hamlin could be seen flashing a heart symbol with his hands to the stadium. The video, where Hamlin can’t be seen clearly, had some noted conspiracy theorists on social media arguing the athlete actually died and has now been replaced by a body double.

Immediately after Hamlin’s collapse, some corners of social media chalked it up to the Covid-19 vaccine, despite no evidence, and now those arguing Hamlin has been replaced by a body double are primarily the same vaccine fanatics.

“The hot new antivax conspiracy theory is that Damar Hamlin secretly died from the vaccine, and the NFL is using a body double to fool fans into thinking he’s alive,” author Mike Rothschild tweeted on Tuesday, sharing a series of tweets from users pushing the theory that Hamlin is dead.

“The whole thing smells,” Juanita Broaddrick, who previously accused Bill Clinton of raping her, tweeted.

As Rothschild noted in his thread, Hamlin has made multiple public appearances, including at the Bills game. While he hasn’t chosen to speak to the media at length, the athlete has been on live streams and posted to social media. On Instagram, for instance, the athlete has made multiple posts since his collapse.


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“Can’t wait to show how thankful I am,” he said in a post thanking fans for their support.

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