black people

NC Rep. Apologizes for Saying Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

The Daily Show to Hillary: You Should Probably Avoid Awkward Race Jokes

Trump’s Campaign Photoshops Apparel Model to Look Like She’s Black

Trump: Black People Will Like Me More Than They Like Obama

Fmr. Arizona GOP Chairman: Take Guns Away From the Main Killers, the Blacks

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes On New Newt Clip: ‘So Racist It Makes Me Want To Curse On-Air’

Why Won’t Black People Let Newt Gingrich Help Them?

Rick Santorum To John King: I Didn’t Say Black People, I Said ‘Blah’ People

Did Rick Santorum Really Talk About Making ‘Black People’s Lives Better’ With ‘Somebody Else’s Money?’

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