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Comcast Dealing With Nationwide Outages

Comcast Makes $65 Billion Offer to Fox, Setting Up Potential Bidding War With Disney

What the Hell is Going On With the Internet Today? Outages Throughout the Country

‘I’d Rather Have Obama Back’: Mike Huckabee Rages at Comcast on Twitter

NBC to Launch Year-Round Olympic Channel

Trump: I Would Stop AT&T-Time Warner Merger, ‘Deals Like This Destroy Democracy’

Telecom Giants Have Overwhelmingly Donated to Hillary Clinton

Giant Cable Companies Merging Is Bad for You; Only Savior Is an Uber for the Internet

Comcast Reportedly Walks Away from Time Warner Cable Takeover

Vanity Fair: Comcast to Blame for NBC’s Long String of Debacles

TV Exec. Suing Comcast/Sharpton: ‘Give Him $50k and a Bucket of Chicken and We’re Good’

Plaintiff: Comcast Treats Sharpton as ‘Least Expensive Negro’

Comcast Accused of Paying Off Al Sharpton in $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Comcast Cashes Old Woman’s Rent Check, Only Returns It After She Goes to Reporters

Recording Comcast Calls Will No Longer Help You Avoid Nightmare Customer Service

Comcast: ‘It May Take a Few Years’ for Our Customer Service to Stop Sucking

Woman Arrested for Pulling a Gun on Comcast Technician

Comcast Issues Statement on That Ridiculous Customer Service Call

LISTEN: Man Nearly Driven Crazy Trying to Disconnect Comcast Service

Louie Gohmert Gives Glenn Beck a Shout-Out During Comcast Hearing

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