Hillary: NRA’s Stubbornness on Gun Control Reminds Me of the Iranians and Communists

Giuliani: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists

MSNBC’s Karen Finney Hangs Up on Hugh Hewitt Over…

Rachel Maddow: There Is A ‘Whole Swath’ On The Right That Thinks McCarthyism Is A Good Thing

Is Sen. Ted Cruz ‘The New McCarthy’? Report Says He Accused Harvard Law Faculty Of Harboring ‘Communists’

C-SPAN Caller Challenges Rep. Allen West To Name ‘Communists’ In Congress

Soledad O’Brien Confronts Allen West Over His Communist Allegations

Rep. Allen West Explains ‘Communist’ Remark, Implies Pres. Woodrow Wilson Was A Communist

Joe Scarborough Incensed Over Rep. Allen West Comment On ‘Communist’ American Legislators: ‘Meet My Wrath’

Allen West Campaign Manager: ‘Stupid Reporter’ Misquoted ‘Communist’ Remark

Rep. Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ Up To 80 House Democrats Are Communist Party Members

Italian Magazine Discovers Rick Santorum’s Distant Relatives Are ‘Red Communists’

Glenn Beck: Communists Will Say ‘Jesus Was A Marxist’ To Co-Opt American Holidays

Glenn Beck: “What Team Are You On When You’re Standing Next To Communists?”

Bill O’Reilly Is Unconvinced By Glenn Beck’s Comparisons Of Egyptian Revolt to WWI

Glenn Beck: Everyone Else’s D.C. Rally Is Secretly Being Run By Socialists

Glenn Beck Directs Viewers To Communist Party Website For Rally Information (UPDATED)

When Fidel Castro Says Communism ‘Doesn’t Work,’ He Means ‘The Opposite’ Of That

Jesse Ventura Leaps To Defend Hugo Chavez From US Media’s ‘Lying Manipulation’

Glenn Beck (Metaphorically) Goes Off The Communist Rails

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