Its Not Just You: GMail is Down. YouTube is Down. Snapchat, Discord, Uber, More — All Down. Here’s Why.

Google was hit with a service outage Saturday afternoon, and services like GMail, YouTube, Snapchat, Discord and more went with it.

Why? Google’s Cloud Service, which powers a number of other applications, had an outage. When that cloud service is out, then outages happen all across the web, and particularly, in this case, in parts of Europe and the United States., knocking platforms like GMail, Youtube, and Snapchat out of commission.

Google Search was still functioning normally as of 4 p.m. Sunday, but GMail and its associated apps were shown as out of commission on the G Suite Status Dashboard.

Google said on a status page that it is investigating the issue and expects and update around 6 p.m. Sunday.

The issues appear to be mainly affecting users on the East Coast of the United States, according to The Verge.

UPDATE: Around 7:30, Google posted an update saying service issues should be resolved now.

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