Hannity: ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That I Tell Trump What to Do is ‘So Stupid and Inaccurate and Untrue’

Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed the mainstream media on his radio show Friday afternoon, calling out the “conspiracy theory” that he directs President Donald Trump on what to do in the Oval Office.

“It is so stupid and inaccurate and untrue and made up,” said a frustrated Hannity. “One quick point– nobody ever calls me, ever, to ask me before they either write or say this garbage.”

The Fox News host said that if members of the media simply listened to the things Trump says “on a daily basis” and paid attention to his actions, without bias, they’d also be able to predict what Trump is about to do next. If the media took Trump seriously enough, Hannity says, they wouldn’t be acting surprised that he is declaring a national emergency for border security, since he had previously said he would.

“He literally telegraphed every single thing that he was going to do today,” said Hannity. “I’m not a psychic. I’m like, just listen to everything he’s saying. He’s telling you that he’s going to declare a national emergency.”

Hannity added that the media is so “blinded by their rage every day,” that they assume people like him and Ann Coulter are telling Trump what to do instead of listening to Trump’s words from the beginning.

“Ok, you didn’t fully listen to Coulter in this particular case,” he said, referring to Coulter’s recent fallout with Trump over his actions on border security. “And what they don’t know, and it’s amazing to me, is not one person in the media has ever ever ever figured out, I’ve known Donald Trump for two decades. We’ve known each other way beyond two decades. I know him well enough to go out, put all my credibility as a conservative on the line, and telling you he’s going to govern conservatively.”

You can listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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