Sean Hannity

Gingrich Hits Bannon Over His ‘War’ With GOP: When We Fought Nazis, We Didn’t Start By Fighting Britain

Hannity on Uranium One Deal: ‘Hillary Clinton and Her Husband Sold Out America to the Russians’

Ainsley Earhardt Claims Fox & Friends Never Gives Trump ‘Softball Questions’

Hannity: ‘If Mitch McConnell Can’t Do His Job, Go! Get Out!’

Joy Reid Goes Off on Hannity, Tucker Carlson: ‘Biggest Hypocrites’ on Weinstein!

Jerry Falwell Jr.: I Told Trump ‘He Needs to Coin a New Term –– Fake Republicans’

Hannity Fires Back at Sen. Ben Sasse on Twitter: ‘Call Me When U Repeal Obamacare #Loser’

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Fires Back at Hannity: ‘Some of Us Still Believe in the Constitution’ (UPDATE)

CNN’s Dana Bash Slams Hannity Over ‘Sad’ Partisan Hypocrisy: ‘Give Me a Break’

Trump Blames Race Issues on Dems: ‘The Democrats Have Ruled the Inner Cities For 100 Years’

Trump Congratulates Hannity On Ratings: ‘What You Are Doing to Your Competition Is Incredible’

Trump on Hannity: NFL Should’ve Suspended Kaepernick to Stop Protests During Anthem

Hannity Slams Left for Hypocrisy on Weinstein, Forgets He JUST Had Bill O’Reilly On as Guest

Bannon: ‘We Are Declaring War’ on GOP Establishment Not Backing Trump Agenda

Steve Bannon Trashes Corker: If He Has Any Honor or Decency, ‘He Should Resign Immediately’

Jeffrey Lord Believes Abortion Is the Reason America Experiences So Many Mass Shootings

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Sean Hannity Slam Hollywood as ‘Hypocrites’ on Guns

Sean Hannity Chokes Up While Speaking to Vegas Survivors: ‘Unfathomable to Me’

Trevor Noah Hits Fox News: Since Vegas Shooter ‘Didn’t Fit’ Their Narrative, ‘They Couldn’t Politicize It’

Hannity Slams Lady Gaga, Late Night Hosts For Politicizing Las Vegas Shooting: ‘This Is Beyond Shameful’

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