Sean Hannity

Fox News’ Juan Williams: Limbaugh, Coulter, and Hannity Are ‘Running This Government!’

Hannity Presents ‘Road Map of Corruption’ for Bill Barr: No Shortage of People to Investigate

Sean Hannity: Trump Will Soon Reveal ‘Five Different Buckets’ of Secret Info on FBI Corruption

Hannity Says He Doesn’t Trust Claim Mueller Report Will Be ‘Anti-Climactic’: ‘Mark My Words…’

Hannity Had ‘Special Access’ on Trump Border Tour and ‘Huddled’ With Officials, WH Pool Reports

Lindsey Graham Praises POTUS Oval Office Address to Hannity: ‘The Most Presidential I’ve Seen President Trump’

Hannity, Geraldo, Dan Bongino Get in 7-Minute Shout-Fest Over Immigration: ‘How Many People Have to Die?!’

Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Sean Hannity Blasting Her ‘Radical Platform’

Hannity Predicts Trump Will Declare National Emergency to Build Border Wall

Hannity: If Republicans Capitulate in Shutdown Fight, The Political Damage Will Be ‘Incalculable’

Maggie Haberman: ‘Not a Coincidence’ Sean Hannity is Floating Trump Being Open to DACA-Border Wall Deal

Lindsey Graham: Trump’s Presidency is Over If He Caves on Border Wall Now

Hannity: ‘Sad’ That Mitt Romney Is Cozying Up to People Who Hated Him

MSNBC’s Hardball Picks the ‘Biggest Suck-Up to Trump’ of 2018

CNN’s Toobin on Giuliani Media Blitz: He’s Speaking to the ‘Choir at Fox News, and Sean Hannity Repeats It’

Hannity: Morning Joe Is ‘Insane,’ But I’m Not the ‘Speech Police’ and Mika’s Apology ‘Probably Sincere’

Melania Trump to Hannity: Hard to Deal With ‘Opportunists’ Who Use My Name to ‘Advance Themselves’

Fox News Finishes 2018 As Most-Watched Network in Cable, MSNBC Grows, CNN Dips

WATCH: Jared Kushner Awkwardly Dodges Khashoggi Question From Hannity

Trump Rage Tweets About Mueller’s ‘Illegal’ Investigation After Hannity Monologue Blasting Comey

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