Sassy Justice! South Park Creators Produce YouTube Show Featuring Deep Fake of Trump … to Warn of Deep Fakes


Fred Sassy is an American Consumer Advocate and reporter for the Cheyenne news at 9, a local TV station in Cheyenne, WY. On his weekly show, Sassy Justice, Fred goes to battle for the common man in his hometown. This week, he’s uncovering the dangers behind manipulated videos that are increasingly popping up on the internet.”

Or is he?

The description above is taken from the YouTube page of Fred Sassy, but the least amount of research informs the viewer that the deep fake warning is actually made form deep faked videos themselves. The genius “through the looking glass” creation comes from the minds behind South Park, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, who have created a YouTube series based on the fictional reporter to warn Americans of the perils of deep fakes. Oh, and Fred Sassy is a deep fake of President Donald Trump.

In the event you are unaware, a deep fake video is one that looks very real, but through digital manipulation puts words in the mouths of public personalities and political officials in a remarkably convincing way. To prove that point, we meet Fred Sassy, who is a doppelganger for President Trump, save a different hairdo, ascot, and what can be fairly be called a more effete voice.

It’s a brilliantly hilarious, or hilariously brilliant, conceit and execution. The 14-plus minute-long video features “interviews” between Fred Sassy and visual images that purport to be Al Gore, Julie Andrews, Tom Cruise, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Michael Caine, among others. To confuse the viewer, however, Tom Cruise is clearly a puppet but…Michael Caine appears to be real?

The goal here is to confuse, inform, and entertain. Which it does, to terrific effect.

One can easily imagine a flurry of lawsuits coming forth from this endeavor, but Stone and Parker appear to do their best work when they are fearlessly playing with real reputations and toeing a fairly fuzzy line that divides parody, and libel. This is clearly a joke, but the satirical representations perfectly mock arguments made on all sides of this bizarrely absurd political world in which we find ourselves.

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