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Trump Promotes QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Who Believes Clintons Are Consuming Brain Fluids of Dead Children

On Tuesday, Donald Trump promoted two of his supporters on Twitter who are actively perpetuating the QAnon conspiracy — a theory that alleges the president is secretly working with the military to unfurl a multinational cabal of elite, ritualistic pedophiles — including one account that accused the Clintons of consuming the fluids of dead children.

Shortly after Trump shared the Twitter handle of one crackpot supporter, he retweeted a post by user @LYNNTHO06607841 — calling Democrats “THE TRUE ENEMIES OF AMERICA” — which is an account that has promoted QAnon and adjacent theories, including the belief that the Clintons are slowing their aging process by “sacrificing children” and drinking from their adrenal glands.

“We should immediately pass Voter ID @Voteridplease to insure the safety and sanctity of our voting system. Also, Paper Ballots as backup (old fashioned but true!). Thank you!” Trump wrote on Twitter while promoting a separate QAnon believer.

While the president was tagging the Twitter user to allege that widespread voter fraud could take place, a scan of @Voteridplease’s other content shows the account has shared messages like, “Keep Calm and QAnon.”

The QAnon theory rose to prominence in late 2017, just as the Pizzagate conspiracy — a related theory which alleges that top Democratic figures run a child sex ring in the basement of Washington, D.C. pizzeria — was losing relevance. QAnon, which has been almost entirely propagated by the most die-hard of the president’s supporters, began with obscure messages shared by an anonymous figure on the message board site 4chan. This unknown person dubbed themselves “Q,” as they claimed to have top-secret Q-level government clearance.

The 4chan user alleged that Trump was working to expose the shadowy global elites who run the world, which led adherents of the theory to tie everything from Pizzagate to the Las Vegas shooting into their conspiracy — all while the anonymous Q figure continued sharing mysterious, supposed updates about Trump’s work to expose the deep state.

The theory has continually popped up around Trump’s 2020 campaign, as many of the ultra passionate supporters that the president has singled out — online but especially at his rallies — are open adherents of the QAnon conspiracy. In one such instance, Trump pointed to a baby that some of his supporters brought to a July rally but the child happened to be wearing an outfit with the “Q” logo printed on it.

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