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9/11 First Responder Goes OFF on Congress After McConnell Meeting: ‘The Chairs They Put Their Asses In… We Pay for That Sh*t’

9/11 first responder John Feal spoke emotionally at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, joined by other first responders following a meeting with Mitch McConnell, making it clear they have been and continue to be pissed off at congressional inaction.

Feal was one of several first responders who appeared on Capitol Hill recently, along with Jon Stewart, to push for Congress to reauthorize the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. Stewart had called out McConnell for being a roadblock in the past few years on this issue and ended up in a public back-and-forth with McConnell before Tuesday’s meeting.

“Mitch McConnell made a commitment to the 9/11 community,” Feal said, making it clear they fully intend to hold him to that commitment.

One first responder who could not be there today was Luis Alvarez, who gave his emotional testimony to Congress just days ago and is now in hospice. Alvarez was clearly on the minds of Feal and those with him as they spoke to the press.

He made it clear they want to be able to see this bill come up for a straight up-or-down vote without being “tied down by some batshit crazy somebody in the middle of the country who just doesn’t get it.”

Feal said it’s obviously frustrating for them to see Congress not acting on this quicker:

“They work for us. The chairs that they put their asses in, the pens that they use, the pads that they write on, we pay for that shit. That’s us. They work for us. Mitch McConnell works for us. He works for all of you guys. Today Mitch McConnell promised to work for us. I’m going to take him for his word.”

At one point Feal said if Congress really wanted to impress them, every single member should get off their “milky white asses” and support this legislation.

He apologized for cursing and said, “If I don’t curse, I’m gonna cry.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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