Bill Browder Says If Trump Accepts Deal, Putin Will Kill Him: It’s a ‘Death Sentence for Me’


Bill Browder, the financier known for championing the Magnitsky Act, was on CNN today to react to the news that the White House is thinking about allowing Russia to interrogate him in exchange for cooperation with the Robert Mueller probe.

Browder wasn’t surprised that Vladimir Putin called him out specifically after being a thorn in Moscow’s side for as long as he has. And Putin has been pursuing him relentlessly, even taking advantage of Interpol to do so. So Browder has no illusions about what the Russian leader would probably do to him if given the opportunity.

“He would really like to get his hands on me. He’d like to kill me like he killed my lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, 8 and a half years ago…Effectively what the Russians have said very clearly on a number of occasions is they would like to get me back to Russia, they would like to send me back to Russia. And once I’m back in Russia, they would like to kill me. And so anything that begins that process is effectively a death sentence for me.”

In terms of whether he was surprised to come up in Putin’s meeting with Trump, Browder said it validates what he’s been saying about how Russia has used their international leverage to target him for years. Still, for Browder to hear Trump call Putin’s deal an “incredible offer” was “one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard coming out of his mouth.”

Even though Browder thinks America’s extradition system won’t allow Trump to acquiesce to Putin’s offer, the most important thing to him is to make sure Trump realizes the Russian president is “a bald faced liar, a criminal and a killer.”

“To hand me over to Putin is basically to hand me over to my death,” Browder reiterated.

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