Vladimir Putin

The Russians Are Coming! Hillary Clinton Calls Herself ‘Paula Revere’ on Russia Meddling

Godfather of Russian Sanctions Law: Putin ‘Absolutely Frustrated’ Congress Rendered Trump Impotent

Putin: Trump is ‘Not My Bride and I’m Not His Groom’

Email Reportedly Shows Effort to Arrange Meeting Between Putin and Team Trump

Dem Rep.: ‘No Room for Sarcasm’ in Trump’s Reaction to Putin Expelling U.S. Diplomats

Trump Thanks Putin For Ordering 755 US Diplomats Out of Embassy: ‘We’re Trying to Cut…Payroll’

Bill O’Reilly Sends Out Weird Tweet About Putin ‘Vacationing Topless’: ‘Have a Blast, Vlad’

Putin Announces Expulsion of Hundreds of U.S. Diplomats from Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Suggests More Undisclosed Trump-Putin Meetings

Fox’s Cavuto Mocks ‘Sanctimonious Outrage’ from the Media Over Second Trump-Putin Meeting

‘Safely Assume the Worst’: Scarborough Weighs in on Secret Trump-Putin Meeting

Ian Bremmer on Second Putin Meeting: ‘It’s a Real Story’ Despite Trump Tweeting ‘It’s Fake News’

Trump Unleashes on Twitter About Informal Putin Meeting: ‘Fake News Story’ Is ‘Sick’

Trump and Putin Had a Second, Informal Meeting During G20 Summit

Fox’s Martha MacCallum: Where Was All the Democratic Outrage About Russia a Few Years Ago?

Rinat Akhmetshin Reportedly Worked With Company That Made Trump Pee Dossier

Trump Details Confrontation with Putin on Election Meddling: ‘I Said, Did You Do It?’

Trump Says Putin Would Be Happier With President Clinton in Pat Robertson Chat

EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Stone Tells Mediaite How He Landed Vladimir Putin

Tucker Carlson Gets Into It With Fox News Analyst: ‘You Just Compared Me To a Nazi Apologist!’

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