Bill Gates Responds to Covid Conspiracy Theories About Him: ‘Tragic’


Bill Gates called it “tragic” that conspiracy theories about him online have potentially prevented people from getting vaccinated against Covid on Friday.

The billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder joined AC360 for a discussion about the pandemic and vaccines.

Gates, who is currently infected with Covid, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he contracted the virus despite the fact he is both vaccinated and boosted. Still, he said vaccines are necessary to lessen symptoms and case severity.

“For people who are 50 or 60, they will probably have to be boosted every six months until we get even better vaccines,” Gates said.

Cooper asked Gates when he intends to get boosted again.

Gates responded people who acquire Covid cases with a high viral loads are acquiring something “like vaccination.” But he said he still believes vaccines are and should be a necessary part of life.

“To be safe, every six months, you’re probably be vaccinated,” he said. “As we get more data, they might make that shorter for people who are, say 60 or even over 70.”

Cooper asked Gates about multiple conspiracy theories about him with relation to Covid. Gates, whose foundation has invested in vaccine development, is the subject of numerous theories which connect him to the pandemic.

“You rightly champion [the vaccine], obviously it’s a wonder of modern science,” Cooper said. “But there’s this paradox that the speed at which it was created also increased perhaps some hesitancy, and I guess and has fueled these conspiracy theories.”

He asked Gates, “How do you deal with conspiracy theories? People believe you’re tracking people through microchips inserted into the vaccine.”

Gates laughed off the theory, and said he is only bothered such theories have made some people vaccine-hesitant.

“Simple explanations are kind of fun to click on,” Gates noted, before he said, “The one about tracking people, I don’t know why they think I’m interested in knowing people’s locations.”

He concluded, “If it’s holding people back from getting vaccinated, then that’s tragic.”

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