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Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Oval Office Sparring Match: ‘Real Housewives Reunion Techniques’

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman: Today’s Bombshell News ‘Politically Very Damaging for the President’

Chris Murphy Slams Potential Appointment of Heather Nauert as UN Ambassador: ‘She is Clearly Not Qualified’

Norm Eisen Says Michael Cohen ‘Much More Dangerous’ After Coming Clean: He ‘Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried’

Anderson Cooper Discloses Rick Santorum Is ‘Paid Co-Chair’ of Biofuels Group — Before Heated Clash on Climate

Anderson Cooper Dumbfounded By News Manafort Lied to Feds: ‘How Friggin’ Stupid is This Guy?!’

Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Latest Voter Fraud Claim With Clip of Circus Clowns

Anderson Cooper Grills Katrina Pierson on New Trump Ad: ‘I Don’t Understand Why You Have to Lie All the Time’

Anderson Cooper Delivers Scathing Fact Check of Trump’s Anti-Caravan Speech: He’s ‘Making Stuff Up’

Jeffrey Toobin to Kris Kobach: You’ve Devoted Career to ‘Stopping Black People and Poor People from Voting’

Anderson Cooper Clashes With CNN Commentator on Trump Birthright Citizenship Talk: ‘You Know This Is Ridiculous!’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump for Speaking ‘Hypocritically’ About Civility at Rally

Sen. Blumenthal Rips Kavanaugh Op-Ed: ‘Obvious Effort to Clean Up the Debacle of His Testimony’

Kavanaugh’s Former College Roommate Speaks Out on CNN: ‘I Knew He Was Lying’

Heated CNN Panel on Kavanaugh Goes Off the Rails: ‘Stop Interrupting Me!’

Ralph Peters a Little ‘Relieved’ by Trump UN Speech: ‘Instead of Getting the Black Death We Just Got Influenza’

Second Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney: GOP Senators Keep Changing Rules or Adding Conditions on Us

Lawyer For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Defends Her Credibility: Probably ‘Most Careful’ Client I’ve Ever Repped

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Questions Christine Ford’s Lawyer on Delaying Senate Testimony

Anderson Cooper Lights Up Don Jr. For ‘Idiotic’ Misleading Photo of CNN Host: He’s ‘Tweeting Lies’

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