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Anderson Cooper: Trump Afghanistan Speech May End Up Being a Blow to Bannon Foreign Policy

Charlottesville Mayor Reveals That He Still Hasn’t Received a Phone Call From Trump

Cornel West Slams Trump Surrogate Paris Dennard: ‘Why Are You Defending a Liar?’

Jeffrey Lord Was Unjustly Fired From a Network That Treated Him Like a Punching Bag

CNN Chyron Trolls Trump Over Trip: ‘Vacation Critic Takes Time Off’

Anderson Cooper Reminds Viewers of When Jay Sekulow Denied Trump Was Involved in Don Jr. Statement

‘Wait, What?’ Anderson Cooper Shocked By Jeffrey Lord’s Claim that Jared, Ivanka Would NEVER Leak to WaPo

Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck Slams Trump’s Military Ban: It’s a ‘Catastrophe’

Anderson Cooper Regrets Rolling His Eyes at Kellyanne Conway

Anderson Cooper Says He’s Still Friends With Kathy Griffin: ‘I Think She’ll Bounce Back’

Anderson Cooper: If True, New Report ‘Casts Serious Doubt’ on Jeff Sessions’ Credibility

Anderson Cooper: ‘Why on God’s Green Earth’ Did Trump Do NYT Interview Today?

Ana Navarro Goes Off on Jeff Lord Over Trump Defense: ‘Oh, For the Love of God!’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Spicer for ‘Demonstrably False’ Statement on Don Jr. Meeting

Gorka on His CNN, MSNBC Hits: ‘Somebody Has to Be the President’s Pit Bull’

Anderson Cooper Presses Jay Sekulow on Whether Trump Knew About Don Jr. Meeting

‘Act Like a Professional’: Joe Concha Scolds Anderson Cooper for Calling Gorka ‘Hungarian Don Rickles’

CNN’s Paul Begala Suggests on Live Television That the United States Should ‘Blow Up’ Russia

Anderson Cooper Slams Sebastian Gorka Following Contentious Interview: ‘The Hungarian Don Rickles’

Anderson Cooper Gets Exasperated with Seb Gorka During Testy Don Jr. Debate: ‘Oh Jesus’

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