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Even Rick Santorum Says Trump ‘Clearly Not a Winner’ on Shutdown Deal: He ‘Didn’t Deliver’

House Intel Dem on Senate Committee Findings: Too Early to Draw Conclusions About Collusion

Anderson Cooper Rips GOP Rep for Suggesting ‘Shadowy Conspiracy’ Behind CNN’s Roger Stone Raid Footage

Anderson Cooper Gets Flustered Over Bezos Pecker Details: ‘Don’t Know If I Should Say That’

Former VA Dem Rep. Jim Moran Defends Northam: Don’t Rush to Give Him ‘Political Death Penalty’

Anderson Cooper Shreds Trump’s Claim the Wall’s Being Built: ‘Make-Believe Is Fine When You’re a Kid…’

Anderson Cooper Rips Giuliani: There is No Such Thing as a ‘Hypothetical Attributed Direct Quote’

Anderson Cooper: It’s A ‘Little Hard to Believe’ Pelosi Canceled SOTU for Security Reasons

Anderson Cooper Gives ‘Prebuttal’ to Trump Address: ‘The White House Has Continued to Fudge the Facts’

Anderson Cooper: Trump Keeps Just ‘Making Stuff Up’ in Fight Over Wall

Brian Kilmeade Dings Anderson Cooper’s Treatment of AOC: ‘That Was Not a Hard Hitting Interview’

Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Critics: People More Concerned With Being Factually Correct Than Morally Right

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump for Claiming Federal Workers Okay Without Pay: He’s Saying ‘Let Them Eat Wall’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Super Wealthy be Taxed Up to 70% to Fund ‘Green New Deal’

Anderson Cooper Hits Trump’s Claim He’d Make a Good General: We Will ‘Never Know’ Because He Never Served

Bernie Sanders Responds to Report on Harassment, Sexism in 2016 Campaign

Kathy Griffin Blasts CNN and Jeff Zucker in New Year’s Eve Tweetstorm: ‘The Boys Get Paid Much, Much More’

Andy Cohen Has Meltdown Over Times Square Alliance Threatening to Pull CNN Credentials Over an Umbrella

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Flips Out After Taking New Years Tequila Shot: ‘It’s Like Burning Your Lungs’

Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Oval Office Sparring Match: ‘Real Housewives Reunion Techniques’

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