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Anderson Cooper to Trump Defender’s ‘Punching Back’ Excuse for McCain Attacks: ‘He’s Punching a Person Who’s Dead’

Fox & Friends Asks Why People Link Trump’s Language with Mosque Shooter. Here’s Why.

Sam Donaldson: Tucker Carlson’s ‘Hate Speech’ Can ‘Change This Country Forever’ if Left Unchecked

Jussie Smollett Attorney: He’s Been Subjected to a ‘Media Gangbang’

Anderson Cooper: Plenty to Criticize Dems for Over Response to Anti-Semitism, But Pretty Rich for Trump to Join In

CNN Panel Goes Off on Ivanka Trump Clearance Report: GOP ‘Would Have Gone Bonkers’ If It Was Chelsea Clinton

CNN Interview Goes Off the Rails After Jerome Corsi’s Lawyer Insists Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fraudulent

Watch Every Reporter, Pundit and Anchor Imaginable Call Trump’s Kim Meeting a ‘Failed Summit’

Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump for Otto Warmbier Remarks: ‘Playing Defense Attorney to a Dictator’

McCabe: NY Times Report on Trump-Whitaker Call ‘Consistent’ With My Experience

Andrew McCabe Asked if He Still Thinks Trump Could Be Russian Asset: ‘It’s Possible’

Even Rick Santorum Says Trump ‘Clearly Not a Winner’ on Shutdown Deal: He ‘Didn’t Deliver’

House Intel Dem on Senate Committee Findings: Too Early to Draw Conclusions About Collusion

Anderson Cooper Rips GOP Rep for Suggesting ‘Shadowy Conspiracy’ Behind CNN’s Roger Stone Raid Footage

Anderson Cooper Gets Flustered Over Bezos Pecker Details: ‘Don’t Know If I Should Say That’

Former VA Dem Rep. Jim Moran Defends Northam: Don’t Rush to Give Him ‘Political Death Penalty’

Anderson Cooper Shreds Trump’s Claim the Wall’s Being Built: ‘Make-Believe Is Fine When You’re a Kid…’

Anderson Cooper Rips Giuliani: There is No Such Thing as a ‘Hypothetical Attributed Direct Quote’

Anderson Cooper: It’s A ‘Little Hard to Believe’ Pelosi Canceled SOTU for Security Reasons

Anderson Cooper Gives ‘Prebuttal’ to Trump Address: ‘The White House Has Continued to Fudge the Facts’

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