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Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Suing Over Alleged Trump Affair Says She Voted For Him: ‘That’s My President’

Karen McDougal: Trump Said ‘I Was Beautiful Like’ His Daughter Ivanka

Former Playmate Karen McDougal on Trump Affair: ‘He Tried to Pay Me’ For Sex

Stormy Daniels Lawyer Holds Up Michael Cohen Poster in Wild Clash With Cohen Lawyer: ‘Where Is He?!’

Anderson Cooper Battles Rep. Gaetz After He Suggests FBI ‘Cabal’: ‘That Sounds Like a Massive Conspiracy’

Anderson Cooper Goes ‘Into the Weeds… and Down a Rabbit Hole’ to Fact-Check Trump on Canada

Anderson Cooper Conducts Softball Interview of Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Ahead of Big 60 Minutes Exclusive

House Intel Republican: ‘We Will Show the CIA Just Got It Wrong’ on Putin Favoring Trump

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Responds to Michael Cohen’s Payment Claim: ‘Preposterous, Ludicrous’

CNN Breaks Down Problems With John Kelly’s Remarks on Rob Porter: ‘Somebody Is Lying Here’

WATCH: Legendary Duo Woodward & Bernstein Analyze Stunning News Day in Rare Joint Appearance

CNN Panel Grills the Hell Out of Kingston Over Comments About FL Students: ‘Come On, Jack’

Parkland Student Attacked by Online Conspiracy Fires Back at Don Jr. for Touting It: ‘Disgusting’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump’s Double Standard on Calling Out ‘Islamic’ Enemies But Not Russia

CNN’s Jason Miller Squirms as Cooper Makes Him Answer Whether FBI Missed FL Shooter Due to Russia Probe

Anderson Cooper Lays Out How White House is ‘Gaslighting’ America to ‘Cover Up’ Rob Porter Scandal

Anderson Cooper Ridicules Fox News’ John Moody Over Retracted ‘Darker, Gayer, Different’ Column

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s Response to Rob Porter: ‘Defender of Abusers’

Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife: ‘If He Hasn’t Already Been Abusive’ With Hope Hicks, ‘He Will Be’

GOP Analyst Tells Angela Rye Trump Impeachment Talk as ‘Crazy and Over the Top’ as Birtherism

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