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CNN’s John King Dubs Trump’s Meeting With Putin ‘The Surrender Summit’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Compares Trump to Autistic ‘Rain Man’ Over Obsession With Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Anderson Cooper on Trump-Putin Presser: ‘One of the Most Disgraceful Performances’ by a US President

Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Tears Into Trump Over NATO Comments: ‘We Have a Fool for a President’

After Deadly Shooting, Capital Gazette Writer Says ‘We Need More Than Prayers’

Anderson Cooper Gives Emotional Tribute to Anthony Bourdain: ‘The Pain He Must Have Been Feeling’

Avenatti Slams ‘Absolute Pig’ Giuliani For Derision of Stormy Daniels as Having No ‘Reputation’

Former Fox News Military Analyst: I’m Convinced Putin Has a Grip on Trump

Anderson Cooper Knocks Heads With Dinesh D’Souza: Isn’t it ‘A Little Cute’ to Argue You Were Selectively Prosecuted?

Man Describes Getting Struck By ‘Flaming Lava Bomb’ on CNN: It ‘Snapped My Leg In Half’

Multiple Women Accuse Chef Mario Batali of Sexual Assault in Harrowing 60 Minutes Episode

Anderson Cooper Roasts Sean Spicer For ‘Destroyed’ Credibility: He’s ‘Opening Up Exhibits at Madame Tussauds’

Art of the Deal Writer Tony Schwartz on Why Trump Won’t Apologize For McCain Remark: ‘Psychologically, He’s Incapable’

Michael Avenatti on CNN: Criticism of Me Appearing on TV So Much ‘All a Bunch of Nonsense’

Anderson Cooper: It Would Seem ‘Moronic’ for Michael Cohen to Accept $500K from a Russian Oligarch

CNN Panel Clashes Over Giuliani: ‘Didn’t This Bulldog Just Make a Bigger Mess on the Paper?’

Alan Dershowitz Rebukes Fmr Obama Ethics Czar: ‘I’m Not On Trump’s Side!’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump for Telling Others to ‘Learn Before You Speak’: ‘Pot Meet Kettle’

CNN Legal Analyst Dresses Down Avenatti: Stormy’s Defamation Lawsuit is ‘A Publicity Stunt’

Anderson Cooper: Trump on Fox & Friends Like a ‘Crazy Person on a Park Bench… Mumbling Incoherently’

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