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Sen. Blumenthal Rips Kavanaugh Op-Ed: ‘Obvious Effort to Clean Up the Debacle of His Testimony’

Kavanaugh’s Former College Roommate Speaks Out on CNN: ‘I Knew He Was Lying’

Heated CNN Panel on Kavanaugh Goes Off the Rails: ‘Stop Interrupting Me!’

Ralph Peters a Little ‘Relieved’ by Trump UN Speech: ‘Instead of Getting the Black Death We Just Got Influenza’

Second Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney: GOP Senators Keep Changing Rules or Adding Conditions on Us

Lawyer For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Defends Her Credibility: Probably ‘Most Careful’ Client I’ve Ever Repped

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Questions Christine Ford’s Lawyer on Delaying Senate Testimony

Anderson Cooper Lights Up Don Jr. For ‘Idiotic’ Misleading Photo of CNN Host: He’s ‘Tweeting Lies’

Anderson Cooper Grills Booker on Whether GOP Cleared His Release of Kavanaugh Documents in Advance

Anderson Cooper: Are Our Institutions ‘Strong Enough’ to ‘Resist’ Trump’s Attacks?

Former Trump Campaign Adviser Lynne Patton: Omarosa Has Always ‘Been Out For Herself’

Anderson Cooper Presses Lynne Patton: Is It Appropriate for Trump to Call Omarosa a ‘Dog’?

In Wild CNN Interview, Spike Lee Wears ‘God Protect Robert Mueller’ Shirt, Calls Trump ‘Agent Orange’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Paris Dennard For Defending Trump’s LeBron Tweets: ‘That’s the Response of a 12-Year-Old!’

Anderson Cooper: Trump Keeps Sticking With a Narrative That ‘Lets Russia Off the Hook’

Anderson Cooper on WH Spinning Sessions Tweet: Didn’t They Argue Trump’s Tweets Are Official Statements?

Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Likens Trump’s Attacks on the Press to Goebbels, Stalin

Ex-Trump Adviser and Rick Wilson Battle Over Whether Trump Lied About Russia Meeting: ‘You’re the Alex Jones of the Left’

Anderson Cooper Destroys Guiliani’s ‘Cohen is a Liar’ Hypocrisy: ‘Maybe it’s like Truthful Hyperbole’

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s New Version of Russian Meddling ‘Doesn’t Exactly Square With Reality’

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