Bill Gates

Maher Calls Out ‘Billionaire Liberals’ Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg Who Don’t Contribute to Campaigns: ‘Cheap F**ks’

Bill Gates Dishes On His Meetings With Trump: ‘Scary How Much He Knew About My Daughter’s Appearance’

Ellen Makes Bill Gates Guess Grocery Store Prices, And He’s Hilariously Out Of Touch

Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Make Light of Being Harvard Dropouts in New Video

Hillary Considered Several Billionaire and CEO Clinton Foundation Donors for VP

Bill Gates Says He Was ‘Blindsided’ to Hear He’s Taking FBI’s Side Against Apple

Trump Now Wants Bill Gates to ‘Close Up the Internet’ to Stop the Spread of ISIS

Bill Gates Takes on Climate Change: ‘The Private Sector Is in General Inept’

Inspired By Bill Gates, Saudi Prince Will Donate $32 Billion Fortune to Charity

Bill Gates Donates $1 Million to Gun Control Campaign

The Kochs Could Buy Every Home in Atlanta, Zuckerberg St. Paul and More

MSNBC Guest Lectures ‘Out of Touch’ Bill Gates on Labor, Minimum Wage

Everybody, Bill Clinton Learned How to Tweet a Selfie

Last Call: Pumpkin Spice Lattes Aren’t Vegan, Sorry We Broke Your World

Last Call: Damn, We Wish We Went To Aspen This Year

Bill Gates Endorses Raising Taxes On The Rich: ‘That’s Just Justice’

Newt Gingrich Becomes First GOP Candidate To Officially RSVP To Donald Trump Debate

Pew Study: Wealth Gap Between Whites And Non-Whites Widens; GOP Make Gains Among White Voters

Zuckerberg, Bloomberg And 14 Other Billionaires Pledge To Donate Majority Of Their Fortunes To Charity

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To Give ABC News $1.5 Million For Global Health Series

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