Chris Matthews Explains Republican Strategy With A Scene From Love Actually

Chris Matthews isn’t happy with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun explaining why. He started by likening him to a character “only Charles Dickens would have fully created” (presumably because McConnell has been wearing a wedding dress ever since he was jilted at the altar years ago). He then said the Senator was competing with Dick Cheney for the “troll under the bridge” position. The best moment, however, came when he used a scene from Love Actually to illustrate McConnell’s actions. Now that’s fun.

Don’t get too excited, fans of delightful British romantic comedies. Matthews only used a couple of seconds from the movie. And he didn’t even use the scene where the little girl sings the Mariah Carey song and then points at the little boy but is actually pointing at everyone and it’s so adorable and OH MY GOD!

Excuse me. The scene in question involved sleazy Bill Clinton/George W. Bush hybrid Billy Bob Thornton bossing around Tony Blair stand-in Hugh Grant with a “prickish comment” (Matthews’ words). It’s a fun scene, and this was a fun segment, so I’m not really going to question why exactly it was needed. I don’t agree with Matthews on everything, but clearly we have similar tastes in movie quotes. As well as in the importance of shoehorning in references to movies you like just because you feel like it.

Check out the entire, goofy segment from MSNBC below. The Love Actually bits start around the two and a half minute mark:

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