Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t: Trump Critics Try to Have It Both Ways On His Visit to Troops

Trump: ‘It’s a Disgrace What’s Happening in Our Country, But Other Than That I Wish Everybody a Very Merry Christmas’

President Trump and First Lady Melania Deliver Christmas Message: Season ‘Brings Out the Best in the American Spirit’

Twitter Has a Field Day Over Trump’s Call With 7-Year-Old About Santa: ‘You Just Can’t Make This Up’

Melania Returns to White House for Christmas After Trump’s ‘All Alone (Poor Me)’ Tweet

Partial Government Shutdown Expected to Continue Through Christmas

Man Climbs the National Christmas Tree in DC, Police Respond

Tammy Bruce Objects to Ginger-Neutral Christmas Cookies: ‘Obviously, They’re Men’

Stephen Colbert Recruits Bryan Cranston, Laura Linney, and More for the Wildest Christmas Movie of the Season

Trump Reportedly Cancels White House Christmas Party With Press

Glenn Beck Pays Off $27,000 Worth of Layaway for Customers at a Texas Walmart

Twitter is Kind of Freaked Out By Melania Trump’s ‘Red Tree’ Christmas Decorations

The View Has Wacky, Intense Debate About the War on Christmas – in August

Trump Revisits the ‘War on Christmas’ in July: ‘Remember the Attack on Merry Christmas?’

A Christmas Miracle: Dan Rather and Family Win Mega-Popular Smartphone Trivia Game

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser on Fox & Friends: POTUS ‘Put Prayer Back Into The White House’

WATCH: Topless Female Activist Tries to Steal Jesus Statue From Vatican Nativity Scene

Why Did Donald Trump Just Like a Tweet That Seems to Compare Him to the Grinch?

WaPo Spotlights Pro-Trump Tennessee Town Where ‘They Never Stopped Saying Merry Christmas’

Queen Elizabeth Pays Tribute to Manchester and London Victims in Christmas Day Message

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