Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews Asks Who Will Win Fight For Democratic Party: Moderates or ‘Updated’ Socialism

Retiring GOP Rep. Charlie Dent: New Litmus Test For Republicans Is ‘Trump Loyalty’

Chris Matthews Asks Hardball Panel: Can Democrats ‘Run Two White Men’ in 2020?

Sen. Franken: ‘I’m Not Sure That You Have to Be Trump to Beat Trump’

Chris Matthews on Removing Statues of American Leaders: ‘Where Do We Stop?’

Matthews: How Can Trump Heal a Divided Country When He’s ‘Stoked Those Divisions’?

Chris Matthews: After Threats, Mueller Must Go After Trump To ‘Prove He’s Not On A Leash’

Chris Matthews: If Trump Did Nothing Wrong, Why’s He Attacking the People ‘Seeking the Truth?’

John Podesta Calls Into MSNBC to Respond to Trump Tweets: He’s ‘Unhinged’

‘What’s This Thing With Blood?’ Chris Matthews Questions Trump’s Apparent Bloodlust

‘Get A Room!’ The Five Mocks Media’s Praise of Brian Karem After His Spat With Huckabee Sanders

Reporter Who Called Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘It Was a Long Time Coming’

Chris Matthews on Trump’s Backtracking: Anything He Says Will Become ‘Irrelevant’ In Seconds

Matthews: Dems Have Been Talking Trump So Much But ‘Haven’t Bothered to Trump Him With Better Ideas’

Hannity Mocks Chris Matthews With ‘Endless Love’ Remix

‘What a Hoot!’ Chris Matthews Mocks Hannity for Comparing Russia Probe to ‘Birther Conspiracy’

Chris Matthews Asks If Hollywood and the Media Isn’t Sensitive Enough to the White Working Class

Matthews Blasts Trump, Lawyer For Being Evasive: ‘We’ve Got a Mouthpiece With a Mouthpiece’

Hannity Rips MSNBC’s ‘Top Conspiracy Theorist’ Rachel Maddow

Hannity Lauds Chris ‘Mr. Thrill Up His Leg’ Matthews For Defusing Trump-Russia Collusion Story

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