Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews Rips Trump Over Whitaker: At Least ‘Nixon Had Some Shame’

Chris Matthews Calls Out Trump For Holding Fundraiser AND Rally During Hurricane: He ‘Barely Waited an Hour’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 7 P.M.: Chris Matthews, Erin Burnett, Martha MacCallum

Megyn Kelly Says Christine Ford is ‘Running Out of Options’: ‘She’s Not in a Position to Demand Protocols’

Did MSNBC Really Put Omarosa on Air to Reveal a ‘Tape’ of Michael Cohen Boarding a Plane?

Chris Matthews: Trump ‘Handed Vladimir Putin A Big Gift’ in Brussels

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is Fired Up Over SCOTUS: This is Time to Fight!

Chris Matthews: There Will Be ‘Hell to Pay’ If Dems Don’t Fight Trump on SCOTUS, It’s ‘Time for Vengeance’

Chris Matthews Decries Trump’s ‘Frightening’ Views on Abortion Over SCOTUS News

Stephen Colbert: If Trump Succeeds at the North Korea Summit, ‘God Bless Him’

WATCH: Hardball Panel Gets Hot Battling Over Whether Trump Should Apologize For Aide’s McCain Remark

Chris Matthews Wonders If Trump Really Went to College: ‘He Democratizes His Ignorance’

Chris Matthews Wonders If Trump Will ‘Wag the Dog’ After Cohen Raid: ‘It Isn’t So Far-Fetched, Is It?’

Chris Matthews Calls New National Security Adviser Bolton ‘The Godfather of Stupid Wars’

Watch Chris Matthews Rant About Mueller ‘The Starfish’ Attacking Trump ‘The Clam’: ‘Battle to the Death’

MSNBC’s Hardball Leads Time Slot in Total Viewers Wednesday, Maddow Beats Hannity

Dem Senator Blumenthal: ‘Congress Bears Responsibility,’ is ‘Complicit’ in Florida School Shooting

Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on School Shooting: ‘I’m a Mom Tonight’

Chris Matthews Asks Joe & Mika Who Does The Cooking and Cleaning

Chris Matthews: How’s Trump Going to Be ‘Mr. Conciliatory’ After Being So Divisive?

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