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Fox’s Chris Wallace Won’t Interview Trump Because ‘I Don’t Want To Be Chasing A Wild Goose’

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, spoke with Don Imus this morning in an extremely entertaining conversation where the two Fox hosts took turns insulting one another. In between the playful banter, Wallace revealed why he doesn’t want to waste any time with Donald Trump and Imus shared his uncensored thoughts about Wallace’s regular Sunday morning guests.

Imus asked why Wallace won’t interview Trump and Wallace replied:

“Neither of us think that he’s actually going to run. And my feeling about it is, when he finally announces, there will be plenty of time to talk to him. But I don’t want to be chasing what I think is a wild goose.”

Imus suggested having Trump as a guest would be great for ratings and would help Wallace beat CBS’ Face the Nation since Wallace won’t be able to do it “with a bunch of stiffs you have on there now.” Wallace preferred to be responsible though rather than simply just chase ratings.

Imus and Wallace exchanged some unpleasantries throughout as Imus referred to Wallace as a “triple chin looking goober” and Wallace suggested about his weekly interviews with Imus, “sometimes you’re fun and sometimes you’re not.” Wallace said his guests this weekend include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Imus called a “phony” and likely Republican candidate for President Rick Santorum, who Imus dismissed as an “evil human being” with zero credibility. Before a final hilarious standoff between both men refusing to hang up the phone, Imus also disclosed that he was a big fan of Wallace’s regular panelists Brit Hume, Juan Williams and “that woman” too (Mara Liasson), but said that Bill Kristol was a creep.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

(h/t TVNewser)

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