Chris Wallace

After Mosque Shootings Chris Wallace Nails Mulvaney Over Trump’s Anti-Muslim Hate, Brings Receipts

Chris Wallace: Trump Can’t Win in 2020 With His Base Alone

A Modest Proposal: DNC Should Invite Fox News Journalists to Moderate Debate on MSNBC

Bret Baier Blames ‘Fox Derangement Syndrome’ for DNC’s Ban of Fox News From Debates

Chris Wallace Notes His Own Panel on DNC’s Fox Ban is Loaded With Fox/Murdoch People

Chris Wallace on Trump’s Tweet: No, Manafort Judge Did Not Give POTUS a ‘Clean Bill of Health on Russian Collusion’

Chris Wallace Hits DNC For ‘Stunning’ Ban of Fox News From Primary Debates

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Democratic Party’s Left Wing Has ‘Fox Derangement Syndrome’

Watch Every Reporter, Pundit and Anchor Imaginable Call Trump’s Kim Meeting a ‘Failed Summit’

Fox’s Wallace and CNN’s Tapper Both Call Trump-Kim Meeting a ‘Failed Summit’ to Bolton’s Face

Bolton Says Kim Jong Un ‘Walked Away From’ Trump Offer at Hanoi Summit

Chris Wallace Calls Out Conway’s ‘Non-Denial Denial’ on Kushner Clearance: If Report Were False, She’d ‘Say it’

Chris Wallace: Cohen’s Testimony Indicates Trump May Be Facing ‘Criminal Exposure’ From SDNY

Fox News’ Brit Hume Pushes Back on Trump’s Spike Lee Tweet: Speech Wasn’t Racist or Even ‘Particularly Anti-Trump’

Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo Over Trump Falling ‘In Love’ with Kim Jong Un: Why’d He Say That?

Pompeo on ‘ISIS Bride’ Hoda Muthana: ‘She’s Not a U.S. Citizen, She’s Not Coming Back’

Chris Wallace: No One Should Be ‘Rooting for’ Mueller Report to Show Trump Committed a Crime

Fox News Viewers Rage at Chris Wallace For Confrontational Stephen Miller Interview: ‘Move to CNN!’

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Influences Trump. Hours Later, Trump Quotes Him in Coup-Touting Tweet.

Stephen Miller Stumped By Wallace’s Barrage of Border Facts: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’

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