Chris Wallace

Lindsey Graham Says He’s Coming for Purple State Democrats Over Kavanaugh: ‘This is Going to the Streets at the Ballot Box’

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Say He Won’t Confirm a SCOTUS Nominee Next Presidential Election Year

Sarah Sanders Defends the White House Not Holding a Press Briefing For Nearly 3 Weeks

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calls Out Senate Judiciary Democrats For Dodging Interview Requests

Chris Wallace: My Daughters Spoke to Me About How Victims Remember Sexual Abuse

Chris Wallace on Christine Ford’s Testimony: ‘This is a Disaster for the Republicans’

Lindsey Graham Says Ford Testimony Won’t Change His Vote

WATCH: Pompeo Responds to NY Times Rosenstein Bombshell

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Rosenstein’s Denial of NY Times Report Is ‘Very Weak’

Chris Wallace: ‘I’m Kind of Stunned’ Christine Ford is ‘Setting the Terms’ For Her Testimony

Fox News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace Honored With ‘Tex’ McCrary Journalism Award

GOP Sen. John Kennedy: Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Has Been an ‘Intergalactic Freakshow’

Pence Says He’d Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove He Didn’t Write Anonymous Op-ed: ‘In a Heartbeat’

Chris Wallace: Trump Can’t ‘Decree’ NYT Turn Over Op-Ed Author, ‘No Court Is Going to Enforce It’

Judge Napolitano Zings Dems for ‘Bitterness’ in Kavanaugh Hearings: Surprising ‘Lack of Civility’

Chris Wallace: Comey’s Firing Led to Special Counsel, So Only Person Trump Can Blame Is Himself

Karl Rove Says Press War ‘Does Not Help’ Trump: People ‘Screaming Their Cheers’ Are Small, Hard-core Base

Chris Wallace Pushes John Bolton on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘What Wars Have We Started?’

Distributor of 3D-Printed Gun Plans Tells Chris Wallace ‘All Americans Have the Right to Share Data for Making Firearms’

Axios’ Jonathan Swan: Cohen Doesn’t Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried, Maybe ‘Like 20 Bodies’

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