Chris Wallace

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Has a Point’ When He Complains About Media Bias

Chris Wallace: Dems Hoping to Push Out Sessions ‘Might Want to Be Careful What They Ask For’

Ari Fleischer Pulls a Lewandowski: ‘The Clinton Administration Paid a Foreign Operative’

Chris Wallace: As Of Now, More Evidence of Russian ‘Democratic Collusion’ Than GOP Collusion

Chris Wallace Hits Fox News Colleagues Over Media Attacks: ‘Don’t Know What’s In Their Head’

Chris Wallace Battles NRA’s Chris Cox: Is It Right to Turn Gun Control Debate ‘Into Class Warfare’?

Shep Smith on ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Remark: ‘It’s Not Exactly a Calming, Comforting Thing’

FEMA Chief Defends Puerto Rico Response, Swipes at San Juan Mayor and Others ‘Spouting Off’

McMaster on Bannon Leaving WH: We Don’t Need People Advancing Their Own Agendas

Chris Wallace Hits ESPN: Not Firing Jemele Hill Shows ‘Double Standard’

Tillerson Hits Back at Gorka’s Criticism of Trump Afghanistan Speech: Shows ‘Lack of Understanding’

Tillerson on Trump’s Commitment to Defending US Values: ‘The President Speaks for Himself’

Chris Wallace: Hurricane Harvey Is an Important Competence Test for Trump Admin

Krauthammer on Grand Jury: ‘At Some Point, We Could Come to a Crisis’

Chris Wallace Asks Pelosi About Dem Criticism That Party Leadership Is ‘Too Old’

Chris Wallace Presses Kellyanne Conway on ‘The Disarray Inside the White House’

Scaramucci Brings Up CNN Retraction While Dismissing Russia Probe: ‘I Was Falsely Accused’

Fox’s Chris Wallace: ‘There’s Tremendous Disarray in the White House’

Chris Wallace: How Badly Has the Last Week ‘Damaged’ WH’s Ability to Dismiss Russia as ‘Fake News’?

Chris Wallace Grills Sekulow: Aren’t Past Team Trump Denials of Russian Contacts Now ‘Suspect’?

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