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Karl Rove Says Press War ‘Does Not Help’ Trump: People ‘Screaming Their Cheers’ Are Small, Hard-core Base

Chris Wallace Pushes John Bolton on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘What Wars Have We Started?’

Distributor of 3D-Printed Gun Plans Tells Chris Wallace ‘All Americans Have the Right to Share Data for Making Firearms’

Axios’ Jonathan Swan: Cohen Doesn’t Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried, Maybe ‘Like 20 Bodies’

Rudy Giuliani: Michael Cohen Has ‘Destroyed Himself’ as a Witness

Chris Wallace Confronts Giuliani for Flip-Flopping on Whether Michael Cohen Is Honest

Chris Wallace Throws Cold Water on Cohen Bombshell: ‘So What?’, ‘Long Way’ From Collusion

‘Why Not?’: Chris Wallace Capped Off His Confrontational Putin Interview With Vacation in Russia

Hannity and Trump, Chris Wallace and Putin Earn Big Ratings For Fox News

CNN Effusively Praises Fox’s Chris Wallace for his Putin Interview: ‘A Master Class’

Chris Wallace Confronts Putin: So Many People Who Oppose You ‘End Up Dead or Close to It’

Putin Dismisses Indictments from Mueller’s Office: ‘Internal Political Games’ of the U.S.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Asks Putin if He Has ‘Kompromat’ on Trump After ‘Curious’ Press Conference

Putin Snaps as Fox’s Chris Wallace Confronts Him With Russia Indictment: ‘This is Utterly Ridiculous’

Ambassador Jon Huntsman: ‘Highly Unlikely’ Trump Would Recognize Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

Chris Wallace Lands Interview With Vladimir Putin on Fox News Monday Night

Chris Wallace Presses Bolton on Trump’s Russia Rhetoric: Is He ‘Making Concessions to Putin’ Already?

Chris Wallace: ‘Outrageous’ for Reporters to Connect Shooting to Trump’s Attacks on the Press

Chris Wallace: Kennedy Retirement ‘The Biggest Moment of the Trump Presidency’

Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson ‘Freely Admits’ They Detained Children, Families: ‘We Believed It Was Necessary’

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