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CNN’s Stelter Blows Off Don Jr. Comparing Him to Potato Head: ‘Just More BS Fuel for the Culture War’

CNN’s Brian Stelter spoke of how he almost ended up in a Twitter fight with Donald Trump Jr. after the former president’s son insulted him during a tirade over culture war issues.

Stelter opened Reliable Sources on Sunday with a monologue about the “distractions and dribble” that get boosted online and end up taking the public’s attention away from news stories of actual importance. To this end, Stelter pointed to how right-wing media outlets have focused on trivial stories like the disclaimers on old episodes of The Muppets and the rebranding of Mr. Potato Head toys.

“There is something wrong when so-called ‘cancel culture’ gets more attention than the troubles that millions of Americans are facing and the importance of a Covid relief bill,” Stelter said.

Stelter continued by mocking the “cheap,” “easy” inflation of these types of stories, all while lamenting how they flood the zone by distracting from stories that matter. After that, he offered a personal anecdote about his Twitter feed getting blown-up with personal insults after Trump Jr. compared Stelter to Potato Head during his speech at CPAC.

“I thought of some really cutting responses, some really clever ways to respond, some really clever ways to go viral. But then, I stopped. I didn’t post anything,” Stelter said. “It was just another distraction. He wanted me to respond. This was just more BS fuel for the culture war, and it does not matter. The best thing we can do for each other in this world of tweetstorms is to refuse to be confused by that noise. There’s too much real news going on.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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