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‘It Will Never Be Enough’: Trump Jr. Joins Father in Ripping Media for Charlottesville Criticism

Bill Maher Blasts Democrats for Soft Russia Probe Rhetoric: ‘Don Jr.’s a Traitor Already!’

‘Don Jr. and Eric Trump’ Stop By Weekend Update Summer Edition To Tout Father’s Achievements

Paul Manafort Reportedly Tipped Off Congress to Don Jr. Russia Meeting

Conway Pivots to Benghazi, Obamacare When Confronted on Trump’s Misleading Statements

John Podesta on Ever-Changing Don Jr. Statement: ‘This is Trump Family Values’

Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr.: ‘He Literally Got His Daddy To Write a Note For Him’

Nicolle Wallace and Matt Schlapp Spar Over Don Jr. Statement: ‘Can’t Sit Here and Lie!’

Tapper: Don Jr. Statement Dictated by President Trump Was ‘So Misleading as to Be a Lie’

Nicolle Wallace: Sekulow Was Either ‘Uninformed or Intentionally Misleading’ on Don Jr. Statement

CNN’s David Chalian Slams Sarah Sanders: ‘Am I Not Supposed to Believe My Lying Eyes?’

Sarah Sanders Defends Trump for Reportedly Dictating Son’s Russian Lawyer Statement

Trump Reportedly ‘Personally Dictated’ Don Jr.’s Misleading Statement on Russian Lawyer Meeting

Graham: Russia ‘Clearly Working Both Sides’ By Offering to Help Trump While Searching for Dirt

‘Need Excuse to Get Out’: Kushner Says He Pulled Fake Phone Call Trick to Bail From Russia Meeting

Fmr. CIA Director Brennan: Don Jr. Meeting ‘Profoundly Baffling’

People Mag: Ivanka Trump is Her Father’s ‘Favorite’

White House Reportedly Told By Mueller To Save All Documents Related to Don Jr. Meeting

Russian Lawyer Who Met With Don Trump Jr. Listed Russian Spy Agency as Client

John Ziegler: How Could Don Jr. Have Not Told His Father About Russian Lawyer Meeting?

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