CourtTV Founder Steve Brill Predicts Rupert Murdoch’s FCC Licenses Will Be Challenged

With Rupert Murdoch‘s British newspaper News Of The World printing its last edition today, Christiane Amanpour assembled a panel on This Week to discuss what implications the phone hacking scandal might have on the News Corp. media empire. CourtTV founder Steve Brill suggested that even if it turns out that knowledge of the criminal activity only existed at the editorial level, he still thinks it is likely that Murdoch’s FCC licenses to operate television stations in this country will be challenged.

Brill noted that in federal communications law there is a clause that requires owners of television stations to be “of good character” in order to maintain their license to broadcast. Therefore, given Murdoch’s oversight of a company where such criminality was able to take place, Brill predicts:

“I am reasonably certain that someone, maybe someone from the political left or whoever, is going to make a big deal of whether [News Corp. is] fit to have their FCC licenses under the current management.”

Additionally, Nina Totenberg weighed in, suggesting the criminal culture that developed at the newspaper demonstrates the danger of one person, regardless of their politics, having too much power and proves the need for diversity in the media.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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