comScore David Frum Confronts Scaramucci on Maher: ‘You Helped Endanger’ the Country

David Frum Confronts Scaramucci on Maher: ‘You Helped Endanger’ the Country

David Frum and Anthony Scaramucci clashed on Bill Maher‘s show tonight and flung a few insults back and forth.

Frum first confronted Scaramucci with a question about a Chinese group that attempted to purchase his company. Scaramucci shot back and said he doesn’t have the facts on this.

Maher repeatedly protested that he truly does not care about any of this and tried to move on, but Scaramucci kept going and told Frum his claim is “a little BS.”

They veered off this when Maher reminded Scaramucci––who said he doesn’t curse on TV––that he’s the “Steve Bannon sucks his own cock” guy, to which The Mooch joked, “I don’t think he’s anatomically capable.”

But when the issue of Russian interference came up, Frum jumped in and said, “I’ve spent more time in a Republican administration than you.”

Scaramucci told Frum he’s “pretty angry tonight.” Frum said he is and asked Scaramucci, “Don’t you ask the question ‘why did my guy––my guy win the Putin primary’?”

“Your level of anger and sanctimony is not coming across great,” Scaramucci shot back.

“For me it’s not a show. It’s not a performance,” Frum said. “It’s the country that is in danger, and you helped endanger it.”

Scaramucci accused him of “cultural elitism,” to which Frum shot back, “You’re going to play that card or you’re going to name-drop Harvard, one or the other.”

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