Fox Business’ Trish Regan Fires Back after Chinese State TV Accuses Her of Being State TV: ‘You Picked the Wrong Fight!’


Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan let loose an extended rant against a Chinese-government TV network, after it singled out for criticism her commentary on trade and President Donald Trump’s tariffs as especially antagonistic toward that country.

“The Chinese are launching a full-scale, information war against the United States of America and their newest target, me! Yeah, me! Because I have dared to say we should engage in economic warfare with the financial tools that we have,” Regan declared at the outset of her show. “You picked the wrong fight here!”

The Fox Business anchor was reacting to a recent segment on CGTN, a Chinese government-controlled news outlet, where an anchor criticized Regan for spreading anti-Chinese propaganda.

“She portrays America as a real victim here, implying that previous U.S. administrations were somehow suckered by the scheming Chinese. She is so sure of U.S. victimhood, so indignant, that her eyes practically spit fire,” the Chinese anchor said. “Yet, in carefully analyzing her words, it’s all emotion and accusation supported with little substance.”

Taking the beef to the next level, Regan responded to this clip by addressing all 1.4 billion Chinese on behalf of all 160 million U.S. women.

“Okay China, here’s a little insight on how we American women think,” Regan fired back. “We are damn smart! And we will willingly respond, with emotion, when presented with a set of facts like this, and let’s go through them.”

Regan then presented two facts about China in the next three minutes. The first of these was a chart showing the growth of China’s GDP over the past 28 years, which Regan immediately followed up by claiming, sans facts, that the country’s rapid economic growth represented an existential threat to the U.S. economy.

“China’s aspirations, let’s face it, they’re not good for us. They’re not good for our families. China wants to take our economic place in the world. And in doing so, will devastate our economy at the expense of our future. And all our families futures.”

This economic attack on our country, Regan added, was unacceptable “unless we are okay with them turning us into…France, while they become the United States. I don’t think any of us would like that.”

Regan played another CGTN clip, where the Chinese anchor claimed : “According to [Regan], ‘we don’t really have a choice’ but to wage this ‘war.'” Regan was quick to correct this, however. “For the record, I did not say war. I said economic war.”

At one point, Regan also mocked the on-air delivery of the Chinese anchor, suggesting that the words she spoke might have been planted by others and that the network is merely a propaganda puppet of the ruling party, reliably parroting the rhetoric of that country’s leader on all the issues of the day.

“State media,” the Fox Business anchor concluded.

Watch video above, via Fox Business Network.

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