Trump On Trade Wars With China, U.S. Allies: ‘We’ve Been the Stupid Country for So Many Years’

Trump Accuses China of 2018 Election Interference at UN: They Don’t ‘Want Me to Win’ Because of Trade War

Trump Chides China For Supporting North Korea With Aid: ‘This is Not Helpful!’

Maher: If the GOP’s Going to ‘Merge’ with Russia, Maybe the Democrats Should Try Something Similar

Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Films Chinese Authorities Demolishing His Studio With No Advance Warning

AUDIO: Chinese Police Break Into Home of Human Rights Critic, Remove Him From Premises During Live Interview

Small Device Detonated Outside U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China

Trump Tells CNBC He’s ‘Ready’ to Impose Tariffs on Every Chinese Good Imported to US

Hannity Used Burner Phone in Singapore Over Concerns Chinese Agents Would Bug Him

Morning Joe Rips Trump and Ivanka For ‘Implicit Quid Pro Quo’ With China: ‘Utterly Outrageous’

Trump Throws Chuck Schumer a Shoutout on China Trade Talks: We ‘Have Long Agreed’

GOP Rep. Kinzinger: I Was ‘Blown Away’ By Trump’s Announcement on Saving Jobs in China

Shepard Smith Stunned by Trump’s Pledge to Help Chinese Smartphone Company: ‘I Don’t Get It’

Amid Talk of Rumored White House Feud on China Trade, Trump Tells Everyone to ‘Be Cool’

Twitter Confused by Trump Tweet About Helping Chinese Phone Company ZTE: Not Really ‘America First’

Trump: ‘We Are Sealing Up Our Southern Border’ While ‘Dems Have Been a Disaster’ On Issue

Larry Kudlow: ‘We’re Not Running a Trade War,’ ‘Blame China’ Not Trump for Economic Turmoil

Trade War? President Trump Considering $100 Billion in New Tariffs on China

WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces Steep New Tariffs on China

Economist Uses Mean Girls to Break Down Trade Wars on MSNBC: ‘The U.S. is Regina George…’

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