Fox News Guest Mark Steyn Calls the French ‘Godless’ While Reacting to Notre Dame Fire


Tucker Carlson‘s favorite recurring guest, Mark Steyn, reacted to the Notre Dame Cathedral fire on Monday night by calling the French “godless” while warning of a rising tide of Islam in France.

It is currently not clear what started the fire that engulfed the iconic Parisian landmark — police suspect an accident related to construction — but fortunately, it seems Notre Dame will survive as a whole, albeit heavily damaged. When Steyn was asked for his reaction on Carlson’s show, he remarked that “Christendom is in retreat in Europe,” and said polls about the French’s belief in secularism indicates they are “among the most Godless people in that sense.”

Steyn went on to describe a trip he once took to France, remarking that he visited a Catholic church outside of Paris in Saint Denis that he described as a “Christian museum in the heart of what is now a Muslim suburb in effect.”

“There is no sense of Christianity outside of the walls of that cathedral,” Steyn said. “And it was after that that I went to then Notre Dame because you do have the sense that a living, breathing faith is just becoming actually a museum.”

Steyn also said the people of France cannot explain why they mourn for Notre Dame beyond the historical, architectural and artistic elements that were lost in the blaze.

They are mourning something else, but what that something else post-Christian France can’t quite identify it,” Steyn opined.

To be fair to Carlson, the Fox host did not want to speculate on how the fires happened. His caution came after several of his colleagues pulled the plug on guests veered into conspiratorial speculations on who or what was responsible for the inferno.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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