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Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Rips ‘Bitter’ John Bolton for Turning On Trump: ‘It Hurts the Country’ and Will Help Joe Biden

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade accused former National Security Advisor John Bolton of harming America with his revolt against President Donald Trump, and lamenting that the release of his book will help Joe Biden’s chances of defeating the commander in chief in the 2020 election.

The comments came on Thursday as Fox & Friends addressed the latest revelations from The Room Where It Happened, Bolton’s upcoming memoir which offers disturbing portrait of Trump’s administration and foreign policy.

Kilmeade lamented that he’s been put in an “an impossible situation” by the book — as Bolton was a longtime Fox News contributor who appeared regularly on his radio show.

But the Fox & Friends host said someone who had read the book told him it was “bitchy.”

“What sells is the friction with the president. John Bolton is also somebody who goes for the jugular,” said Kilmeade. “When he got fired or when he quit, whatever side you want to believe, he is bitter and he’s angry. And he doesn’t care.”

“This hurts the country,” Kilmeade added, noting that hurting the president will help Joe Biden.

“If you have a national security advisor who tells the inner secrets of what goes on behind closed doors with other nations, it hurts the country,” he said. “And if you are a Republican and you are doing this, you’re basically saying I’m going to do what can I to get Joe Biden elected. That goes against everything that John Bolton has done his entire career.”

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