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Dana Perino and Kilmeade Mock CNN Over Stormy Daniels Coverage: ‘Why Did I Go to Journalism School?’

Fox & Friends Ridicules Elizabeth Warren For Deflecting Question on DNA Test: ‘I Guess That’s a No’

Brian Kilmeade Challenges Dana Loesch: ‘You’re Not Against Universal Background Checks, Right?’

Eric Trump Hits Obama Over Russian Meddling: ‘Why Did He Do Nothing?’

Bill Kristol Trashes Brian Kilmeade: ‘You Have to Pretend’ to Believe ‘Nonsense’

Fox & Friends Bash Media for Mocking Trump’s Listening Session Notes: ‘So Disingenuous’

Fox & Friends Shamelessly Attempts to Cast Trump as a Crusader Against Russian Meddling

Brian Kilmeade Calls For U.S. to Meddle in Russia Election on Fox & Friends: ‘Why Don’t We Flick the Lights?’

Brian Kilmeade Suggests Trump Should Meddle in Upcoming Russian Election: ‘Payback Time’

Fox & Friends Grilling Leaves Ted Cruz Stuttering on Immigration Debate: ‘Those Polls Are Deceptive’

Fox & Friends Takes Aim at The View Over Pence Hate: Wouldn’t Criticize if He Was ‘Speaking to Allah’

Brian Kilmeade Turns Segment on Olympic Star Chloe Kim Into Sermon on Immigrating ‘Traditional Way’

Brian Kilmeade Grills WH Spox on Employing ‘Two-Time Accused Domestic Abuser’: ‘You Got Burned’

Even Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade Thinks Trump’s Military Parade Would Be ‘Waste of Money’

Fox & Friends Guest Trashes CNN: ‘They Need Illegal Immigrants to Watch Their Ratings’

Devin Nunes: There’s ‘No Question’ That Schiff And Democrats ‘Want Me Gone’

Brian Kilmeade Quizzes John Kelly on HS Teacher Who Slammed Military: ‘Ought to Go to Hell’

Fox & Friends Did Not Like Hillary’s Grammys Appearance: Should Have Read From ‘Clinton Cash’

Brian Kilmeade Spars With Fox & Friends Co-Hosts in Absolute Mess of a Sh*thole Debate

Even Fox & Friends is Criticizing Trump For ‘Sh*thole’ Remark: ‘The President Made a Mistake’

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