Brian Kilmeade

Trump Claims Being President Has Cost Him $2-3 Billion: It’s Worth It, ‘I’ve Done a Great Job’

WATCH: Fox Nation Announces Wild Show Line-Up, Starring Tomi, Hannity, Jesse Watters and… Mark Furhman!

Fox & Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade Stalked and Heckled into NYC Subway

Fox & Friends‘s Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump Economy: $21 Trillion in Debt ‘Bothers Me’

Nicolle Wallace on Kilmeade Criticizing Trump for Mocking Ford: When You’ve Lost Fox News, ‘You’re Bleep-ed’

Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade Pans Trump’s Mocking Christine Ford: ‘He Chose to Blow It’

Brian Kilmeade Says Trump Didn’t Get Laughed at By United Nations: ‘Good, Unscripted Moment!’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade on Serena Williams-US Open Controversy: ‘Unbelievable’ We’re ‘Debating It’s Sexism’

Fox & Friends Not Happy With Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad: ‘Should Put Jesus On There’

Brian Kilmeade: After NYT Op-Ed Trump Should Increase White House Roles of His Kids

Juan Williams Clashes With Co-Hosts Over Antifa: ‘Who’s Walking Around With Tiki Torches?’

Brian Kilmeade: Twitter’s ‘Plan All Along’ Was to Suppress Republican Vote in Midterms

D’oh! Brian Kilmeade Misspells ‘Milk’…But Correctly Predicts Mediaite Headline

Fox & Friends Guest: John Brennan is Clear and Present Danger Who ‘Supports the Overthrow’ of Trump

Brian Kilmeade: Omarosa ‘Outsmarted’ President Trump Who Has ‘Taken the Bait’

Candace Owens Clashes With Fox News Guest Who Questioned Confrontation: Antifa ‘Knows Who We Are’

Brian Kilmeade and Tammy Bruce Say Betsy DeVos’ Yacht Being Set Adrift Shows ‘The Violence is Upon Us

Fox and Friends: Cohen Tapes Are ‘Just the Beginning’ of Lanny Davis’ ‘Payback’ for Trump Beating Clinton

Trump Gives Shoutout to Brian Kilmeade for Saying Democrats Regret Opposition to GOP Tax Cuts

Fox & Friends Works Overtime to Explain Directly to Trump What He Got Wrong

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