Brian Kilmeade

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump After US Troops Killed in Syria Bombing: ‘Clearly’ ISIS is Not Dead

Brian Kilmeade Gives Reality Check on Trump Emergency Declaration: ‘That Would Be Bad’

Brian Kilmeade: Vice Portrays Bush as ‘Doofus,’ Cheney as ‘Satan,’… So There’s ‘Nothing Accurate About it’

Steve Scalise Calls on AOC to Stand Up to Her Twitter Followers For Sending Inappropriate Tweets

Brian Kilmeade Dings Anderson Cooper’s Treatment of AOC: ‘That Was Not a Hard Hitting Interview’

Brian Kilmeade Slams Trump on Syria: Will ‘Make Everyone’s Security More Perilous’

Brian Kilmeade Goes Off on Sarah Sanders Over Syria: Trump Just ‘Refounded ISIS’ By Leaving

Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s Syria Withdrawal: We’re Abandoning Kurds Who are ‘Three Weeks from Total Slaughter’

Joe Scarborough Shouts Out Brian Kilmeade’s Criticism of Trump’s Syria Pullout: ‘We’re Cutting and Running’

Brian Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s ‘Stunning and Irresponsible’ Syria Withdrawal: Nobody Thinks ISIS is Defeated

Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy: Trump ‘Lost on the Wall’

Fox & Friends Hosts Come Out Swinging With Kellyanne: Trump ‘Has No Leverage’ for Wall

Brian Kilmeade Defends Flynn’s Lying to FBI Because He Was on Vacation in Dominican Republic

Former Bernie Sanders Staffer Tells Fox News Senator Should Make Up His Mind About 2020 Run: ‘It’s Becoming Irritating’

Fox & Friends Complains About Quantity of Trump Investigations: In What Country is This Fair?

Brian Kilmeade Defends Mike Flynn’s Lying to FBI: ‘He Thought They Were Talking Among Two Buddies!’

Fox & Friends Does a Number on ‘Disloyal’ Michael Cohen: ‘Why is He Taping’ Trump ‘For Years?!’

Cenk Uygur Does Something ‘Totally Unexpected’ and Credits Fox’s Brian Kilmeade for ‘Tough’ Pompeo Interview

Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: Pelosi Was Better Than Trump at Passive Aggressive ‘Brawling Tactics’

Ex-Trump Official to Fox & Friends: Dems Don’t Want Wall Because Illegal Immigration Helps Them Politically

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