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Brian Kilmeade Battles Stuart Varney Over ‘Disaster’ China Trade Talks: Mnuchin Caved ‘Like a Cheap Suit!’

Former Bernie Campaign Manager Rips Into Trump on Fox & Friends: He Has Turned WH Into a ‘Cesspool’

Ex-CIA Officer Compares John Kerry to Taliban For Efforts to Save Iran Deal

Brian Kilmeade Makes Impassioned Case For Torture on Trump’s Favorite Morning Show

Fox & Friends Defends Trump’s Nominee For CIA Director Over Role in Torture: ‘Doing What She Was Told To Do’

Fox & Friends Blasts NBC For Corrected Report on Trump Lawyer: ‘They’re Upset He’s Creating So Many Jobs’

Judge Napolitano Fires Back at Giuliani Over Call to Shut Down Russia Probe: ‘That is a Dangerous Argument’

Brian Kilmeade Fact Checks Trump’s Claim About Mueller Questions: ‘To Say There’s No Collusion is Not Right’

Fox & Friends Praises Kanye West For Live TMZ Meltdown: ‘Good For Him’

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says Ex-CIA Head James Clapper ‘Most Certainly Did Lie to Congress’

UTA White House Correspondents Party Brings Out Media’s Biggest Stars

Trump Lauds Kanye West: His Support Has Done a ‘Great Service to The Black Community’

Trump Goes Ballistic on Fox & Friends After Hosts Bring Up Comey: Rants About CNN, Dems, DOJ, Stormy

Kilmeade Presses Candace Owens Over Kanye West’s ‘Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People’ Quip

Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt Claims Central American ‘Leaders’ Are Telling Migrants to ‘Bring Kids’ to U.S.

Dershowitz Slams Trump For ‘Dead Wrong’ Tweet: Comey ‘Did Not Commit Many Crimes’

Fox & Friends Defends Trump Against Comey’s Claim He’s ‘Morally Unfit’: Kennedy, FDR, Hillary Were Too

Fox & Friends Hosts Discuss Their Biggest Fan in Rare Interview: ‘We’re Not in the Policy Business’

Fox News’ Kilmeade: Only Appropriate Reason For FBI to Raid Cohen’s Office Is If He Was Part of ISIS

Kilmeade Warns Facebook to Watch Out Over Diamond & Silk: Fox News Viewers Are ‘Their Biggest Users’

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